About Us

Job hunting can be both exciting and exhausting as we know how hard it is to compete with a bunch of strong candidates in hopes of finding a job that meets the ever-changing requirements of both employers and applicants. But the harsh truth is the labor market hardly sees an upsurge in published openings en route to growing bigger and fiercer, that’s why professional advice and documents cut in to give stressed-out job hunters an edge over competitors. Application.careers serves as such a portal connecting job seekers and career opportunities seamlessly to streamline the job application process and to provide free resources for every applicant to land the perfect job.

Who We Are

Application.careers team currently consists of 5 recruitment consultants contributing to each and every job application tip, resume and cover letter you see here on this website. These resources are selected on the principle of utility, ingenuity, uniqueness & experience, and presented on the basis of job type, career level, industry and platform. Our recruitment consultants have given dedicated review to both online and offline career application so as to cut back on unnecessary time the majority of job seekers spent on searching and preparation. We believe what we are doing is very much meaningful and we hope our team will expand to include more employment specialists joining us and allowing job experiences to be shared and spread.

Our Team

Product Team

Team responsibilities: market investigation, requirements collection and data analysis. By reviewing millions of job openings data, the product team members are experts in job hunting and clearly understand the demands of job seekers and are particularly familiar with job information in different areas and companies.
Eugene N. Pettaway, Product Team leader with more than 10 years of experience on product position and in internet field. Used to work in world-famous internet companies like Google. Having worked on and prepared for a job-related website for more than 5 years before application.careers was presented to the public, Eugene is able to make sure application.careers could stand out from various job-related websites.

Engineer Team

All 6 members from engineer teams are very experienced in website development. This team has successfully developed more than 10 large websites which have more than 400,000 users monthly.
Team responsibilities: Website building and maintenance. Data management and maintenance.
Brandon M. Martin, Engineer Team leader. Brandon has more than 10 years of working experience as an engineer. Being sensitive to any minor problem with the website, Brandon is able to fix any problem the first time it is detected and thus guarantee the perfect condition of application.careers.

Designer Team

Team responsibilities: design of website layout and appearance. User experience optimization.
Rachel Nyanchera, Designer Team Leader. Over 5 years of website and mobile app design experience.

Operation Team

Team responsibilities: data and content management. Website promotion and operation. Dealing with hundreds of job-related brands and career resources daily, the operation team is professional in job industry. The job-seeking guidance on application.careers has helped lots of users with their job-seeking.
Ashley Robertson, Operation Team leader. Ashley has more than 5 years of operation and human resource experience. Proficient at websites operation and recruitment, Ashley leads the operation team to make sure the best position opportunities are delivered right to people who need it and provide as much help as possible for the user of application.careers.

What We Do

Application.careers is a comprehensive provider of job application and employment information. The main website (namely Application.careers) focuses on detailed career information on big name companies in industries of retail, restaurants, hospitality, etc., where job seekers are expected to find company facts, job openings, salary, employee benefits, application forms, portals & steps, and interview tips. Along with these information are free resume/cover letter templates to download. Take advantage of what we could offer and start writing your brand new career chapter.


Cover letters are not necessary in every job application, but a well-written cover letter helps with leaving a good impression on recruiters who screen resumes. Coverletter.application.careers offers practical advice on how to write a classic cover letter and hundreds of quality cover letter samples to download for free.


Resume designing & writing is all about selling yourself to the market. Unconventional resumes make you stand out instantly from competitors, while conventional ones pass on whatever a prospective employer needs to know about you. Resume.application.careers has hundreds of free resume templates for any applicant to select from and download, and we are continuing to enlarge the database to meet different needs and expectations.