Account Executive Job Description

Account Executive Job Responsibility

  1. Keep expanding the client market and complete the sales duty allocated by company.
  2. Bring the honest clients for the company and keep the brand image of company.
  3. Maintain the customer relationships, identify the requirement of clients accurately and make sure the customers satisfaction degree.
  4. Analyzing customer behavior in order to make decisions related to products and services.
  5. Establish long-term based business relationships with clients to help our company expand steadily.

Account Executive Job Requirement

  1. High school record is not necessary, however, requests to be self-motivated and good at learning new things, have positive optimistic point of view, as well as good professional quality and interactive capabilities.
  2. Ability to settle problem with autonomy and good command of basic Office software.
  3. Years of sales working experience in the industry or related institute, strong interpersonal skills and good communication skills.
  4. Be able to work under pressure and adapt to overtime, participate in the making of corporate management systems and security systems.

Account Executive Salary

Yelp Account Executive                      $36,000

Edelman Account Executive                $46,500

Salesforce Account Executive             $86,500

Dell Account Executive                       $113,500

Average Account Executive  Salary      $57,000

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