Are you right now totally in a mess and don’t know what to do about your job interview? Collect inspiring info from Interview Preparation, Interview Types, Interview Questions, Interview Tips and Interview Follow-up to know how to prepare for an interview, how to perform during an interview, and how to follow up after an interview to strike all other candidates and finally land the job!
Interview Preparation

Ultimate Interview Rules You Need to Know Before the Interview

Remember that an interview process is just as complex an affair for you as it is to the employer. Every word you say and gesture you make is important in an interview process and it’s all about your psyche or mindset. If you want that job you have to know the profile which he seems fit for that job. Work on that profile, show it and ace that interview.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview in the Last 30 Minutes

What if you get a call from a good prospect and they want you to be there within the hour? So, if you ever fall in a situation where you have just 30 minutes to for an interview, you have to make do with whatever you have at that moment. Each minute will count and if you think it’s not enough then you’re wrong from the very onset.
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Interview Questions

35 Common Interview Questions and Smart Answers

Interviews are that crucial part, which turns out to be a maker or breaker of one’s career. No matter how good your academic experience and background are, interviews are always nerve wrecking. Here are top 35 common interview questions with smart answers for you to get fully prepared.

“Why did you leave your last job?” – Get The Best Answers Here!

Why did you leave your last position? Did you quit or get fired? Why are you looking for a new job when you already have one? These questions aren’t as tough to address as it may sound. Certainly, there was a reason for you leaving your last or current job. State the fact and be confident about it.
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Interview Tips

Top 20 Interview Tips for Job Hunters

No matter how good you have been throughout your academic career, interviews are always very nerve wrecking. This is the reason why most of the people mess up under stress. Scroll down for the top 20 tips to have a preparation from beforehand and go land the job!

Basic Dos You Should Know on Appropriate Interview Outfits

Just put this point as clearly and simply as possible: you need to know the basics of what to wear to an interview. Building up from a proper first impression by getting your dress right is one of the basic things to make you move on to a new job. Get this part right and don’t be stuck with wrong ones.
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Interview Follow-up

2 Sample Job Interview Thank you Letter and Tips to Know How to Customize One

Properly framed follow-up letters can go a long way to make your chances better. What do you write in your follow-up notes? Do you just say thank you and leave it there? What else do you say? Well, to ease things out, consider two sample letters with tips associated with it.

Interview Follow-up: Know the Best Way to Do It

After an interview, the quotient of dilemma whether it will be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, will always remain in mind. Now, you cannot decide that by plucking petals and counting on your luck. So, one thing you need to do rather than just sit ideally and impatiently is ‘interview follow-up.’
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