Interview Tips

You’ve researched a lot about the company, you’ve polished your resume and cover letter and finally got a chance for a interview. Here comes the keypoint - what should you do before an interview, during an interview and after that. Dress? Questions? Punctuality? How to sell yourself? How to make a good first impression? So much yet to do. But don’t worry, Following interview tips will assist you in succeed in a job interview.

Know How Body Language May Help You ACE Your Interview

When you first walk through the door and sit in front of the interviewer, your body language is the first thing that catches their eyes. So, what should you do now? Well, there are certain tips that will help you to improve both in body mannerism and presentation as well ...

Interview Tips You Should Know to Land a Job in the Final Round

First of all congratulations! If you have reached the final round, that means you have the potential in you and by now they know it. Now the only thing left is to clear the last stage of your interview. So, start preparing yourself with some useful interview tips that will ...

Top 20 Interview Tips for Job Hunters

Is it that you are desperately applying for the vacancies available? But face it: Job interviews can take a toll on you. No matter how good you have been throughout your academic career, interviews are always very nerve wrecking. Now, let’s scroll down for the top 20 guidelines below.

10 Best Things to Say to Nail an Interview

No matter what first impression you make, making an impression and ‘impressing’ are two different things. And it’s all in the proper mindset. Confidence is the key to everything. You do not need to intimidate the interviewer. You just need to make three strikes to bowl him over so that ...

Pay More Attention to Tips Most Interviewees Usually Ignore

There are some important interview tips (or better say, tricks) that can ease your chances of cracking the nut. Most candidates make this mistake of overlooking these major points and ultimately losing their opportunity, despite having potential.

6 Things You Dare Not Say to Recruiters in an Interview

Your shoes are polished, the suit is ironed, and you have prepared those speeches that you are going to make the next day. After all, it is what you say in the interview hall will decide your prospects of making the cut. But what about the no-nos? How do you ...

What Should You Carry to an Interview?

“I do not have that right now. Can I mail it to you tomorrow?” That is the last thing you want to say to your interviewer. Okay! To cut you some slack here, once is alright. But twice is like a sin. You may lose your job opportunity on the ...

Basic Dos You Should Know on Appropriate Interview Outfits

You need to know the basics of what to wear to an interview. And yes, there are basics. What you wear and how you look matters a lot. If your style is your statement then it applies to the professional sphere as well. And if you’re thinking about being the ...