10 Best Things to Say to Nail an Interview

“It’s not that I want this job. It’s just that I like this place already.”

Words like these are what win over interviewers. There’s so much more to an interview than just the given basics of it. And that is style.

No matter what first impression you make, making an impression and ‘impressing’ are two different things. And it’s all in the proper mindset. Confidence is the key to everything. You do not need to intimidate the interviewer. You just need to make three strikes to bowl him over so that he is left impressed and wanting for more. The image that you need to build is on being an attractive individual who is interested in that job!

Top 10 best things to say in an Interview!

1. “I want this job.”

There’s nothing better than a confident affirmative statement. You need to say this with a confidence and an air of straightforwardness. This is something not only meant to impress the interviewer but to make that lasting impression that – “You are self-assured about what you want; you’re not one to shy away.”

65% of all candidates are not eligible for interviews they go for. More than 80% of the rest fail to impress despite having experience.

2. “I have the experience for this job.”

Mention this as straight as an arrow. A job needs more than skill; you need experience in it. And this experience comes only from time. Emphasize this aspect and if there’s a question to it, answer that you’re a quick learner. This is a typical way of being smart over your weaknesses.

3. “I find the company culture quite like my own.”

Culture is one of the most important parameters to interpersonal bonding. Stating these will immediately put you on the right track of things. This statement would ensure; the employer is impressed that you’re aware of bonding within the work space.

4. “I might be the best candidate for this job.”

You can say this simply to assert your presence. This simply shows your interviewer that you’re up for the task that lies and are very confident.

5. “I’m creative.”

Creativity is something which simply cannot be learnt. Either you’re born with it or you’re not. A creative individual can get loads more of success than another with the same set of skills. This is about making something out of nothing. And this is just what every employer secretly wishes for in a candidate. Mention it but be sure that you can live up to what you say.

6. “I’m a team player.”

Every employer wants a candidate who can fit in with his colleagues in an instant. Being socially awkward or shy is something that is negative. Show that you’re the ‘go-getter’, that you’re an easy person to talk and even chat with. Show that, when time comes, you can be that cool head among your colleagues. [Tips to Answer for “Are You a Team Player?” in an Job Interview]

7. “I’m willing to make this a part of my future plans.”

Re-affirm the fact that you’re here not just for a few months. No employer wants to deal with a candidate if there is no guarantee that he won’t even stay for a year. Express that you’re serious about working your way up your career with this company. 

8. “I’m motivated.”

Motivation is something that can change the ordinary into something extraordinary. It gives that impetus to achieve and excel further. Show your employer that you’re motivated, that you’re ready for whatever might come against you; that you’re hungry for more.

9. “I think I can build my career from this company.”

This is something that can win over any employer especially if you know you’ve made enough of a mark on him already. Saying anything in this line simply means showing your employer that you like this place and whatever you’ve seen so far.

10. “Thank you for your time.”

Anyone can be a style machine, can burn the interview; anyone can make an impression. But class is something else. If you add something like this with a checked smile and a firm shake of hands, you’re showing class. And if you do it, rest assured that you’re not only making but leaving an impression too. And as everyone says, - “Class is permanent.”

So, these are among the list of things which you should mention in an interview. Yes you need that job, you want that job. But there’s more to an interview than just getting a job.
Be a strong human being and show it. Earn the interviewers’ respect and you’ll be walking out with more than a paycheck in your pocket from the next month.