Basic Dos You Should Know on Appropriate Interview Outfits

It doesn’t matter if the next interview is going to be your first one. Maybe you have had a few more before. You might even be an employee of a company. But, the basic thing is that you want to move on to a new job. And all you have to do is sit for that interview and ace it. But you’re stuck with your interview outfits.

Let’s put the point as clearly and simply as possible. You need to know the basics of what to wear to an interview. And yes, there are basics. What you wear and how you look matters a lot. If your style is your statement then it applies to the professional sphere as well. And if you’re thinking about being the ‘different’ person there too, then here’s a tip on how – “Let your work make the statement.

Yes, every employer wants the new employee to be a bit above the rest. But ending up in an interview as the bohemian or the rock band front-man is something that is a bit too much to take in. Companies want talented employees and not only differently talented individuals.

5 factors to consider for the proper interview outfits:

1. Dress above the level which you find out about the company

Wearing your best suit to an office where everyone’s staring at you in their jeans and tees is something that you might regret even if you get the job. On the other hand, avoiding the tie and suit even when the accountant’s wearing it is, well, worse.

Judge where you’re going. Dress for an interview at least a level above what that company’s general dress code.

2. Avoid being adventurous. Be cautious

An interview is neither a date nor a hang-out. It is a professional meeting between individuals. Minimalism is the key as any bit of your attire which is out of place will play negatively against you.

Surveys have shown that 70% candidates who over-dressed with their interview outfits were rejected.

3. Keep up with the times

You might be a bohemian or old-school or even conservative at heart. But, even you know that none of these goes well with now-gen professionalism. Interview outfits are supposed to be up-to-date. Next-gen or classical ones will only make you the odd one out.

4. Generality instead Originality

Originality is something that is rare. And if you have it, then you are unique - a rare individual amongst the masses. But that is NOT something you apply on what to wear to an interview. It would simply make you open to more questions. Do you really want to give your interviewer that chance to ask more?

5. Balance between Formal and Informal

This is the most important thing of all. There’s nothing wrong with matching a tucked-in shirt with a funky wristwatch. But the mindset is not to flash or show-off. It should only to make a statement – “I’m comfortable under my skin.

So far, you might as well know the details which you need to keep in mind to dress for an interview. As for specifics, there are more than a few details to the proper attire.

Read on for a detailed suggestion to every aspect to your interview outfits:

1. Your Hair

For women, a bun or ponytail, cleanly tied. For men, a clean cut and brushed hair. (Avoid a wet-hair look.)

2. Wardrobe

Formals are the obvious and mandatory choice. Women should go for shirts and trousers, formal skirt or stockings. As for men – a buttoned-up shirt with a tie is the absolute basic. The same apply to sleeves too, buttoned and not rolled up.
As for shirt colors, you should go for base light ones with somber patterns and not too intricate ones.

3. Belt

Go for either brown or black ones as per the colors you are wearing.

4. Accessories

You should carry a bag. Avoid a fringed or satchel bag, carry a formal backpack.

5. Socks

For both women and men, socks are compulsory to the right interview outfits. Women can go for stockings too.

6. Shoes

Women should opt for covered shoes (Pumps. If you’re wearing heels, wear block heels not platform ones). Men have to go for formal boots and shoes.

These details might come in handy to you in getting the right interview outfits. Getting this part right makes sure you have the first impression exactly how it should be. Ticking the right boxes from the first time you step in for that interview makes sure that you keep doing the same through the rest of it too. Build up from a proper first impression by getting your dress right. [Worst Clothes You Shall Never Wear for an Interview]