Effectively Answering "Why Do You Want to Change Jobs?"

Honesty is the most important quality looked for in any prospective candidate in an interview. However, when you are faced with this question, you cannot take it as an invitation to speak ill of your current job. Yes, it would be very tempting to state the actual reasons for you to look to another job. But bear in mind, that being very honest for this question will only land you in bigger trouble, which would be not getting the job.

Does that mean you need to lie? Of course not! You cannot lie either. But you can stretch the truth and state only the positives from your previous job. When you state anything negative about your previous job, you might actually be considered as a whiny person and not favored for the position you are applying for. They might consider you as a person who will go against the management and may not hire you. In order to ensure that you don’t fall into that unfortunate category, let us take a look at some tips that can guide you in answering this question.

Be Honest

The reason for the question being asked is to see if you have made this decision to hop jobs in a haste or you have made it after fair consideration. To make your response authentic and not dishonest, you need to speak about your aspirations in the new job like, wanting to learn a new industry or wanting to take up a challenge or it could be simply because you are changing cities. A good answer would be,

Sample Answer: “I am ready for a change and a new challenge in my career. Also, I want to learn something new and completely different from my current role and take up new responsibilities.”

You can refer to one or more of the following explanations as a reason for you to leave your current job.

Speak of Future

The idea is to not refer to what you are running from your current job but talk about what you are looking forward to in this job. You have to refer to the opportunities and challenges you expect to work on in the new company and also make a note on the qualities that you have to tackle these challenges. You have to speak about what you have done in the current job, your learning and your experience and refer on how it can help with the new job. For instance,

Sample Answer: “It has been my dream to work on a project related to (insert the project or the task the company handles). I have experience in the same domain and I feel I can bring my expertise to good use working on this project.”

You need to remember the following points when speaking about your future job.

What Not to Do?

Most common reason for a person to leave their job, as per the studies, is that they are not happy with their current supervisor or the manager. Of course, this could just be one of the reasons for you to leave your current employment. But you should not let that cloud your answer on the new interview. You should remember not to speak ill of your current company or current manager in your interview.

Also do not discuss on the reason to be compensation or management issues. This will reflect on you badly as the company might think that you might do the same when you move away from that company.  Do not bring in the company finances, low morale and any other negative aspects of your current job into the conversation.  You need to keep the lines positive even when talking about these issues. A way of doing that would be,

Sample Answer: “One thing that made my work challenging in the previous work is that I would like a platform to share my thoughts on improvement and my ideas…”

While you will still be talking about the lack of platform to share your ideas, you are doing so in a positive manner. This will show that you are an optimistic person.

Bottom line, you need to remember that your accomplishments have to be highlighted, and you keep your comments positive when you face this question in an interview. [“Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?” – Get The Best Answers Here! ]