How Soon Should You Follow up After an Interview is Over

That age-old question which is bugging every interviewee from the time of dinosaurs. Meaning, we do know that we have to send a thank you note and all, but just remain confused about when to do it.

Maybe after dinner tonight. No! That’s too late to bother a person. So tomorrow morning then. But that’s tomorrow, and I lose one more day. How about now? But then, I might seem desperate. Ahhh! So confused.”

And here is the thought process of every average interviewee after a great interview session. At times, all these confusions are self-created as we do not ask the right questions at the right time and end up all bewildered after the meeting.

To solve your crisis here is a list of how soon you should follow-up after an interview and what all you should include in your follow up notes to be right there, in your recruiter’s mind, notes and inbox.

Towards the end of the interview

Thank you Mr Smith, we’ll be in touch.” And almost instantly you shout out, “When??” but, in your mind, pass a smile instead and return a “Thank you.” This is where all the confusion begins.

You were asking the right question, but then why keep it in your mind. Offer your first thank you note here and initiate the process of interview follow-up. You may end the session like:

If you are facing a panel, make sure to send out thank you notes to every single member. Ask politely for their business cards or any other form of contact. Here, with this follow-up, not via email, of course, you have already started to show interest in this post.

After the interview is over

You pack your bags and leave. It’s time to send out emails, even though you have just verbally thanked every member 5 minutes ago. You may wait till you get back home but the parking lot will also do.

Do not keep it until the next day. Sending an email out immediately after the interview does not make you desperate at all. It shows your etiquettes and professionalism.

Two days later

Now, the recruiters have asked you to wait for 7 days, and your butterflies are not resting even though only 48 hours has passed. You want something to happen. So, do you send another thank you note? It won’t make sense. Although, you can send emails stating the following:

This keeps your name in the inbox. Do not expect a reply as people are very busy out there. No matter what you send, do mention, “We talked regarding this in our interview session last Tuesday.

Seven days later…

The time has come, results! But don’t get all hyper and send an email at 8 AM in the morning enquiring about it. Maintain a buffer period of two days at least. Then you may send out follow-up letters asking about what happened. Keep it subtle, though. You may write something like:

Dear Frank,
Thank you again for your valuable time last Tuesday. I was expecting an update on the same, if it’s not a problem. Do let me know if I can provide any additional information from my end.

Thank you,
Diana Ross

Feel free to make your own modifications here. The thing is, it’s not rude to directly ask about what is going on, you did wait 7 days. However, if reply does not arrive, do not keep on nagging. Leave it there and move on. If you are selected, they will drop you a mail.

And there it is. That is how soon you must carry out your interview follow-up. Each day, a different format. The motive is to stay ahead of other candidates, in the interview hall and also in your interviewer’s inbox. Be tactical and combine it with a little aggression. Even if you win the battle, the war is far from over and timing your follow-up letters in the essential key here.