How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” to Impress the Recruiter

Facing an interview is the most common phenomenon. Each of us, at a certain age, goes through this phase. The majority of the people suffer rejection before they end up getting selected for an interview and this is by every means is common. But, have you ever given a thought to the people who are able to get through their first interview, of course, you did!

If you too wish to become someone who gets selected for the interview, then you must know the art and ways of answering the question hitting at you.

The foremost question that everyone gets asked while facing the interview is “tell me about yourself.” Well, this might seem easy to answer as there would be no one in the world who will not be able to define his or herself, but in reality, this gets the toughest of all question you will be asked.

How to Prepare for “Tell Me About Yourself”

Even to answer the simple question, “tell me about yourself,” you need to follow out a few major points and keep in mind things you should say and things you shouldn’t even mention. To make you aware, how can you come up with the most relevant answers that can impress your recruiter at the first place, we are listing the points that you must keep in mind when you are preparing yourself.

When the recruiter is asking you the question, he/she is least interested in knowing your answer, but rather interested to know that how confident you are while answering. So, when you are about to answer the question, make sure to answer the question in one go and don’t take much time. You can start the answer with where you were born and then you can move on telling your qualification and achievements. Here, we are attaching a brief list on how can you align your details that need to be told.

Make sure to keep it concise and informative!

The second most important factor that can help you impressing the recruiter is how quick you are to answer the question. If you take too many pauses or hesitate while answering, then it is just going to take you towards the rejection. Many still don’t understand that all the organizations out there are looking for the candidates who are a quick thinker and can answer any questions in a few seconds. Suppose, if you take too much time just in answering about yourself, what else would be left behind for the interviewers to assume your take on other questions.

There are recruiters who would like to know that how creatively you define yourself and when you start with your answer in the most generic ways like “my name” or “myself,” they get disappointed right at that moment. You can try words like, “patience is my virtue” or “creative is the word that defines me the best way.” Always remember a thing that no matter for which profile you are applying or giving the interview for, creativity always acts as a factor and not a single field has been left where creativity is not considered.

When you are talking or expressing yourself, try to tell the recruiters about your weakness and strengths. Don’t keep it long and a few words will do. Well, when you talk about your strengths and weakness as a part of your identity, it makes an impression on the recruiters about how seriously you take your vices and virtues, and they would know the type of person they will be dealing with in future only if you get selected.

The majority of people make a blunder when they are questioned. They make their definition nod answers lengthy, and this bore the recruiters, and you certainly are making a bad impression on them. When you are asked to tell about yourself, the recruiters won’t be interested in knowing your stories of struggle and would expect an answer in precise so, you should make your answer short, but interesting enough to impress the recruiters.

You can additionally ask others who have faced interviews, and their experience will surely make you get your through your interview, and you will end up impressing your recruiters. Both type of people facing the rejection and the achievements can help you a lot as the ones got rejected can tell you about things you must avoid doing, and the ones got selected can guide you the things you must tell.

You can add and talk about your achievements and yes; it won’t sound showy as this is what you achieved and this would add stars in your entire introduction. Achievements are something that took you here and whoever you are, it is your achievements that would represent you everywhere, so, even if it a minor one, do mention!

The majority of people create mistakes by talking about their personal stuff, and this certainly doesn’t make a great impression on the recruiters rather they would get disinterested, and you might end up getting rejected. The personal details obviously don’t mean your educational and working background, but about what movies do you like and all until asked directly.

When you are asked “tell me about yourself,” this means they are asking all the essential details about you. You can tell them about your area of interest and what interests you. The area of interest in big things because it was your interest that made you a person you are today and it was something that took you here to face the interview.

With everything considered, preparing for this particular and seen as the most dread question can be answered in the easiest way possible.

Sample Answer to "Tell me About Yourself" Like this Is Just Excellent:

"Well, I'm a customer service representative at [Company Name], which I've been doing for nearly five years. What I'm mainly responsible for is solve customer complaints through phone, email or social media and do all the more to ensure customers are satisfied. I've saw myself in past decades of years as a person with confidence, positive attitude and great energy every single day and am glad to bring happiness and best customer service ever to consumers. That is also why I really love what I did and would like to take my career to a brand-new level by taking the chance of working with your company."