How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?” in a Most Effective Way

So, you are preparing for an upcoming interview, and your past interview experiences didn’t go well, and you have the least idea about how to go and come out selected at your next go. Well, you certainly are not alone in the list, and the majority accompanies you.

First of all, when you are preparing for your upcoming interview, then you should focus on the most common questions and the most terror ones at the first place. In the case of the interviews, the general questions are the ones that produce the terror and the most common of those is the question “why should we hire you?” Well, do not worry anymore as today; we are going to help you out on preparing your most impressive answers on this question.

Below, we are providing some of the technique and ways through which you can get this answer in the most impressive way.

You, of course, have been selected for sitting for the interview based on your qualification. So, when you are asked this question, “Why should we hire you,” you must answer that you have the abilities to do the task and all your qualification meet the job profile. You can talk about how well you can adjust in every sort of situation and working ambiance, what was your job profile in your previous organization, and what were the responsibilities you took charge of, how well you were at performing things and providing results to the organization, and other things in similar.

Mentioning all these details won’t make you look showy about your abilities, and it would make the interviewer aware of the responsibilities and tasks you can take in their organization as well.

Answer Example: Assuming that you are applying for a retail sales job, you can show your confidence by replying to the interview like "I'm good at communicating with people and my friends around me describe me as someone who are willing to help others, so I think I'm qualified for the position."

Talking about your abilities and qualities is one thing and emphasizing on the fact that why you suit this job profile is another thing. You must count on things may be your experience or other factors that why you make the right choice for the job profile.

Like, you can talk about your qualification and education background, your work experience and key role as an employee in the previous organization, your minor and major achievements. This all makes up an add elements on why you are the right candidate for the organization and why the company should rely on you.

Once you are done mentioning your abilities and how they meet the job profile, you should talk about your qualities. For instance, tell them how fast you can learn things, how well you adapt with the working ambiance, and how dependable you will be for the organization. This would surely draw some attention of the recruiters.

When you talk about your qualities, you are making the recruiter know the type of pressure you can handle and how great you will prove yourself as an asset in the coming days for the organization.

Answer Example: "Well, I have done some research work that your company are looking forward to employing those who can work under pressure and learn from experience. I'm the one who are quite good at adapting myself with the changing working environment under great pressure. I'm sure the experience I got from the previous job would also benefit your company in terms of the same areas."

The majority of the recruiters are least interested in your qualification and other abilities, and they would be interested in knowing how promising can you be as an employee. Be precise and don’t seem to be pleading and just assure your recruiters that you really will work hard and will deliver them the best results.

But, this doesn’t assert that you too don’t give much value to your qualification details as not all, but yes, the majority is there would be least interested in knowing all these as they already know about qualification details from the resume you provided them.

Answer Example: "I think working hard and efficiently is the primary requirement for an employee. So I can make the promise to try my best to accomplish the task given and polish them to deliver a best result, which could be proven by my performance if you could give me the chance to challenge myself."

Chances are there that 80% of the candidate attending the interview will answer the same thing, and it is your responsibility to sound unique regarding everything. In order to get selected, you need to make yourself a unique identity.

Uniqueness is a factor and a key element that one can have. If you are like dozens of others sitting outside the interview hall, then recruiter must think that what exceptional skills you possesses that would compel them to select you over dozens of others. Thus, it is mandatory to talk about the unique skills you have no matter whether it relates to the interview and the job profile.

You, of course, can talk about your achievements as it will showcase how great you must have been in your last company as well as it will assert that you can be an asset for the organization you are giving the interview for.

Achievements have a role to play in the entire interview and selection session. When you are discussing them though you have mentioned it in your profile, it shows that you are confident with what you have achieved till date and what you inspire to do in future.

Answer Example: "My previous employer describe me as someone who are willing to tying new ways of solving problems. In my last job, I initiated a plan to employ the third party to do some round-off work and improved our productivity by 20%." Here, you give the exact number on how you make contribution to your company, which differentiate you from others who simply illustrate how competitive they are.

Making the conversation about this specific question to last more than 5 minutes would make all things go wrong. Try to be precise with your answers, but at the same time, make sure that you are not getting too short. Just don’t go into the detailing and make things as concise as you can.

Just for a moment, suppose, you are telling you story about how you rose from nothing to something, then why do you think that it would interest the interviewer,  they, of course, haven’t sat there for watching some movie or do the story-telling, so, get real and talk real.

The most important thing you should do is to do your homework about the company and tell your recruiters to know that you know about the place you are applying for. [How to Prepare for Your Job Interview and Get the Recruiter Impressed] This would create a good impression on your recruiters.

If you, by chance forget to do a study about the company, and asked about it, then not answering is just not the case.

Just these few steps and points, and you can deal with your interview question the best way, and chances are there that you will end up getting selected.