How to Prepare for Your Job Interview and Get the Recruiter Impressed

As one of the most direct channel for applicants to impress the recruiters with your skills and abilities, which are calling cards and determine the final chance you could get hired, you should be truly well-prepared for the job interview to land a new job. Right, you might long ago know that it would be great to arrive a few minutes earlier, dress appropriately, propose good and inspiring questions for the interviewers, turn off your cell phone, and copy your resume available to hand to the interviewers. But how to specify them will still be the key point for you to win the interview. Believe it or not, Preparation will make a great difference between getting hired and being rejected.

Assess Yourself Sincerely

Before you make any preparation, you are recommended to re-assess yourself in terms of your interests, talents, skills, values, abilities, weaknesses, strengths, etc. And to make this assessment much more fair, you shall read very carefully about the job description once again to make sure:

Make a full list of skills when assessing yourself, update your resume accordingly by highlighting your current skills and accomplishments, and present them at full stretch during the interview. Never play down the importance of your skills and accomplishments, particularly those are just the ones recruiters are looking for.

Research, Research, Research

Never forget to leave some time or even squeeze some if you’re in a big hurry to do your research and have a basic or good knowledge of the company and the position you’re applying for. Internet, beyond all doubt, has enabled job seekers to have access to gather significant information on Google, Bing or elsewhere and have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and news of the organization. In addition, you could also go directly to the company’s official site, find “About Us” or “Contact Us” in the footer part and learn about the company’s history, culture and so on. Usually, the bigger the company is, the much more information you’ll get on the internet. Info about the company you should gain through your research include: [The Most Effective Way to Answer “What Do You Know About Our Company?”]

Prepare Some Frequently Asked Questions and Practice

There are thousands of interview questions that you may be asked in a job interview and most of them may be unheard of before. But it will still be effective if you could collect some frequently asked questions shared by seasoned applicants and practice how to answer them either with your friends or a mirror to make sure you are confident enough to take the job and the recruiters are satisfied with what you said. Some common questions are:

One thing you shall always remember is that practice makes perfect. Try once and you will see the differences, which are lying with your voice, gesture, facial expressions, enthusiasm, body language and so on. These are all real things that could be improved by practicing. What’s more, prepare questions to AKS! This step is usually lighted by most applicants, for there may be a fixed thinking that applicants should be asked and judged by interviewers. But that is not true, actually. Proposing inspired and beautiful questions during an interview will help the applicants strike a balance between passiveness and activeness and may impress interviewers. Good questions you can ask are:

Follow a Full and Practical Checklist

A checklist is just not stupid but pretty practical to tell you precisely what you should take to an interview and how to prepare it, especially when you are totally in a mess and have no idea what to do next. Generally, a completed checklist should tell you:

Pick Suitable Interview Outfits

Before the interview day, you should select suitable interview outfits, for first impressions counts a lot. To select the interview dress properly, knowing precisely about the company’s culture and working environment may be the answer. When this is done, get yourself a good rest and get up early to embrace the upcoming interview. Yeah, go with a smile, by the way.


This step is far more important than you thought. Be sure to send each of your interviewer a thank you letter or follow up email within 24-48 hours after your interview. And, do not miss out on this opportunity to “show off” yourself again and tell them over and over that your qualifications and experience for the position, what you can bring to the company that somebody else can not, and all other reasons that are impressive and interviewers might hire you when they hear about them. In a nutshell, make the note a good one and you will definitely benefit from it.