How to Prepare for a Job Interview in the Last 30 Minutes

What if you get a call from a good prospect? Something which you had been waiting to get for quite some time? And what if they want you to be there within the hour? You obviously cannot say no. So, what you have is 30 minutes to prepare for how to present yourself for such a crucial interview.

There are loads which you can do to get the upper hand for an interview. But when it comes down to 30 minutes, you have to pick and choose. You have to make do with whatever you have at that moment. Each minute will count and if you think it’s not enough then you’re wrong from the very onset. Why? As the first and foremost requirement for an interview is a positive mindset. Once you get that part straight, here are 5 step-by-step pointers which will help you to prepare for how to present yourself:

Research on the company

This is something that is always helpful. Researching on the company will give you a boost ahead of the interview and prepare you to answer the interview question what do you know about the company. Firstly, the employer finds it impressive – a candidate who goes in deep has more chances to come out on top. Secondly, you can relate to whatever the company produces, its stance and its culture.

Invest at least the first 5 or even 10 minutes here. This is the base to whatever steps you will do next.

You have 20 minutes left.

Relate to the designation

A designation helps in understanding the job description. Researching on the designation makes you aware of what the job is about. And further, it can give you a heads-up into what the interviewer might ask you.

You will not need more time for this if the job description is mentioned with the designation. But if it’s not, give yourself at least 2 minutes to find out pointers on this and jot them down one at a time.

Prepare for the required attributes

Anticipating what the interviewer will ask you is to understand what attributes he wants in a candidate for that job. Study the job description with the designation. Assess the skill sets which are required by putting yourself in the employers’ shoes. Circle out the most prominent ones and make a list of them.

Roughly around 2 or 3 minutes is enough for this. Skill sets such as ‘leadership’, ‘teamwork’, ‘innovator’ etc. are important ones to keep in mind. Other than technical skill sets, these are skills which you can show.

Find the unique sweet spot

After finding out the proper attributes, find one or more which are fit perfectly to you. Prepare for how to present yourself while highlighting those attributes. To do this, honest self-assessment is very necessary. Jot down your strong points and match up. Choose at most two common attributes which any third person will find easy to observe and see. If you do have a common attribute then that is your sweet spot.

Another 2 minutes is enough to get this part done and dusted. You have a bit more than 10 minutes left before leaving.

Project yourself as the candidate

So, what you have with you is two lists of attributes or skills. The first one is what the employer will expect from any candidate for that job. The second one is what you need to emphasize on to impress. Build the first list of attributes in yourself. Project yourself as a person with those skills. You do not need to show them. All you need to do is make sure that the interviewer can see that these attributes are skill sets which are already there in you.

In case of the second list, you need to showcase them in the best way possible. You do not need to flaunt it. And neither will a simple mention get the job done. All you need to do is to wait for the right moment.

A good one would be when you are asked to talk about yourself. Keep this part short and brief. Finish it with a summary and simply mention that or those few attributes exclusively. Maintaining a soft eye-contact is mandatory to nudge the point home.

Relax and reflect on these pointers which you have just researched and found out for yourself. You have 10 minutes to do prepare for how to present yourself and now you have everything that you need.

So, if you ever fall in a situation where you have just 30 minutes to for an interview, these are the steps which you can follow. Prepare for how to present yourself the best you can with these simple steps and ace that interview.