How to Write a Thank You Letter After Interview

Waiting for the recruiting managers to call may be the most stressful part and are gonna make applicants go bananas. At some point, sending a Thank You note will help you take the initiative to ask how the interview result is going instead just sit on pins and needles to wait for the result that seems to be with no end in sight. Moving the wrong follow-up move is much more stupid than not sending at all. Therefore, it’s time for you to learn the art of designing a fantastic follow-up note if you’re right now an anxious job seeker.

Map out the Follow-up at the End of the Interview

This step is pretty critical for you to customize your Thank You note to make it geared to each recruiter’s taste. During the interview, pay your attention to remember all recruiters’ name and title, and it will be so much helpful if you could get business cards from interviewers. Mark down all the info about the recruiter and the company you’ve collected through this interview after you leave the spot, such as:

Moreover, always ask the interviewer what’s the next step following this job interview, by which you will know when is appropriate to follow up and make this note a less annoying one.

Hi, Jennifer - Than you so much for your time. It’s an honor for me to get this interview chance. If you have an update or further questions about me, please let me know.

When to write an email

Generally, after you end up the interview with the question mentioned late step “What’s the next step”, the interviewer will indicate you an approximate time about when they will make their hiring decision. If you haven’t heard from the hiring manager after the time, usually one or two week, then go ahead and send your follow up note. You are suggested to send the Thank You email via a desktop or laptop instead of a smartphone or other device. This will ensure you to make less grammar mistakes.

Thank You Letter Sample

Dear [Manager Name]–:

Thank you very much for the interview today. Recently, I applied for the [position title] position and would like to check out how is your hiring decision is going on. I’m very glad to have this opportunity and excited to join your team. Please let me if you have further questions about my application.

I look forward to hearing from you,


[Your name]

[Phone number -- not your work number if you are employed]

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Send Your Thank You Notes

“The most important thing is not whether you follow up with email or handwritten paper, but whether you follow up at all,” says April Masini. If you’re running out of your patience, want to know your interview performance eagerly and to be remembered among all applicants, you shall just send your Thank You note right away!