Know How Body Language May Help You ACE Your Interview

When you first walk through the door and sit in front of the interviewer, your body language is the first thing that catches their eyes. Now if you think, that is a very narrow aspect, which just includes sitting and talking, then you are under a wrong impression. It includes everything – starting from your appearance, mannerism, personality to communication skill and also how you end the interview conversation.

So, what should you do now? Well, there are certain tips that will help you to improve both in body mannerism and presentation as well as approach and communication.

Grab your coffee mug and read on!

Tips to improve your body language to ace an interview

1. Appearance and self-presentation

‘You have only one chance to make a first impression’

As mentioned above, appearance is ranked in the first place. This is because even before they start talking to you, or see your resume in detail, you will be absolutely judged on how you have presented yourself so far. [What Do I Wear to the Interview]

So there are few more pointers that you need to keep in mind to nail your outer appearance:

[Interview tips: Do not smell like a cigarette factory].

2. Personality

‘Your inner strength is the reflection of your outer foundation’

Yes, your personality is the second most important thing that denotes your body language. Your behavior and mannerism will help to improve your performance during an interview. So make sure to follow the following tips:

For personality enhancement:

For body gesture:

[Interview tips: Smile while talking. It will help you to trick your brain and keep the stress under control].

3. Communication

‘We have two ears but one mouth, so that; we can listen twice as much as we can speak’

Communication is the part that will ultimately take you further in the interview process. Your body language depends on a lot on the way you are talking or listening. How to improve here?
Simple! The dos and don'ts below will guide you through:

[Interview tips: In case you don’t know something, admit that. Being too much defensive can come out as an aggressive personality].

4. Answer in a proper manner

‘Make your body reflect; what you are trying to say’

In an interview, you must be well aware of how you should answer. Ask why? Because based on these answers, your chances of securing the job depend. Guess what? Your body language can do all the saying, putting your point clearly before the panel. Here’s how:

[Interview tips: Don’t crack your knuckles or tap your feet if you get hyper or stressed while answering].

5. Leave a mark

‘You should be so good that they cannot ignore you’

This is exactly what will help you to succeed. Make your ending note that will leave a mark on the interviewer. Get up, gather your things in a poised manner and shake hands with everyone present. Make sure you leave a mark with your attitude.

[Interview tips: You should give an ending note or letter and leave it at the office desk or email the same].

Use your body language to leave a positive impression. Be honest and show exactly what you are. If you have potential, they will be experienced enough to understand that. Hence, all the best for your interview!