The Most Effective Way to Answer “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

When you are asked this question, do not get immediately stressed that you will be grilled on the history, facts and figures of the company in the last decade. The question is often posed to know how the candidate has prepared for the interview and if the candidate is really interested in the job he/she has applied for.

Everyone would want to employ those who show interest in the job and the company. No one would want to employ a person who is not very keen on the job or not particularly interested in the firm they are applying to. The answer to this question will ascertain your level of interest in the company and the job that you have applied for. It is a simple equation where the company is only interested in those who are interested in them. So how do you answer this fairly and effectively?

Research the Company

The only way to prepare an answer for this question is to first research on the company and that would help you give an informative answer. When you research about the company, you not only get a fair idea on the values, history and objectives of the company, but you also get a fair knowledge on how the company works, its work ethics, etc. which will  help you to make the decision on whether it is really the right place for you to work in. Furthermore, a research will keep you better acknowledged on the rules and will help you to ask any question with clarity.

To start with,

With all the above sources, you will have comprehensive information on what the company is all about and it will help you to answer confidently on what you know about them. A typical answer would be like,

Sample Answer: “The vision statement of your company really stands out in the website. Your customer centric approach, your professional team members and your goals are exemplary and I hope I could be part of the organization on its way to success.”

Take Notes

It will be immensely helpful to take brief notes on the company so that you can take a quick reference whenever you want to. For instance, a quick note on what the company offers, how many employees they have, the locations where they have presence, their competitors, their strengths, where they struggle, if you have been a consumer and if yes, your experience on the products or services, their revenue from their annual reports, and anything that will be in close relation to the job you are applying for.

Of course, if you are not very happy about their product or you have some negative comment about their services, then it would be better for your interview to keep it to yourself.


Nothing can perfect you than practicing it multiple times. You can try answering the question in front of a mirror, imagining yourself to be in the interview so that you can watch how your face reacts with your words. Often, while we do try and speak well sometimes our face reflects what we really feel, which may not be in sync. So try to be positive in your response and practice well before you take the interview.

When you are answering, do remember to quote any recent articles you have read about the company, or the recent press release they have made or about the recent launch of a product. This will show your dedication towards the company and the fact that you have prepared well. Do include anything that is related to your current role or department in your answer.

Sample Answer: “You cater to both small and large players in the industry and you have an excellent reputation for being the best in what you do. What really caught my attention is your recently launched app for mobiles which has made buying ________ all the more easier.”

Don’t Overdo

The last thing we want is to have our employers’ think that we are desperate or we are ready to do anything for the job. You don’t have to speak about everything you know. Try to keep to the point in your answer and never overdo the talking. Do not compliment too much. However appreciate the efforts the company has put in a subtle manner, and let the interviewer know that you have done your homework. The line between sounding informed and sounding stalker-ish is quite thin. So you need to make an honest effort in the way you show that you have the knowledge and ensure that you stay within the acceptable limits.

Sample Answer: "I read a recent article about the company on how your mobile app has been effective in delivery service consistently. I want to be part of this legacy."

Speak confidently and with excitement which will show that you are really interested in working with them. Do not sound overly crazy though. What you tell them should be slightly specific and positive. It should not be something that anyone can stumble upon in internet.