Pay More Attention to Tips Most Interviewees Usually Ignore

Finally, you have got the call for a job interview. Are you ready to face the panel? Nervous! Well, this happens with most candidates – you become nervous, uncomfortable, suddenly feeling like “I’ll skip” and more. But wait! Skipping or anxiety is certainly not the solution; so face it but be prepared to give your best.

There are some important interview tips (or better say, tricks) that can ease your chances of cracking the nut. Most candidates make this mistake of overlooking these major points and ultimately losing their opportunity, despite having potential.

Tips for a job interview that most ignore:

Tip 1: Know the company first

Merely applying for a job and sitting for the interview is not enough. You should have basic knowledge of the company you wish to join. So, research to know –

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      Tip 2: Choose your outfit 

Appearance has a lot to do with cracking the interview. So, wear something that goes with that particular industry. You should be presentable and look more confident. Feel good and make others feel good about you. [What Do I Wear to the Interview]

Tip 3: Train your body

Train your body to be perfect regarding its language. Confidence level is mainly judged by the way you sit, walk, talk; your overall posture. Always sit straight.

While talking, you should make an eye-contact with the interviewer to create a good impression. Even if you don’t know an answer, confess that confidently.

Tip 4: Work on your general knowledge

Interview is only not to know about you and ask about your expectations. Interview is an interactive session; so while discussion, you can put some current facts and data on a particular topic. This will prove your awareness and responsible traits.

Tip 5: Control of emotions

Don’t be overexcited while sitting before the hiring HR. Never leave an impression as if you need the job anyway. Rather, the company should feel that they need you. Express like – “If given a chance to show my skills, I shall put all endeavors to give the best.” You must control your emotions, be friendly with professional etiquettes.

List of dos and dots: Interview tips 

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Want more tips for a job interview?

Check out the common interview questions and prepare accordingly:

1. Tell us about yourself that’s not on your resume

Here, the trick is, only put the important skills and achievements in your CV. Keep your interests, co-curricular engagements, etc. for this question. So, you’ll have more interesting facts to tell about yourself. [How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” to Impress the Recruiter]

2. Why do you want to join our company?

Tip – Highlight the positive points that encourage you about the company. But don’t overpraise. You can make a little comparison with your previous job as well. [The Best Way to Answer “Why Are You Interested in this Job?”]

3. How much are you expecting?

Tip – State your salary expectation clearly, but make sure the figures are realistic and worth your skills. [How to Handle the Question “What Salary are You Seeking?”]

4. Why did you leave the previous job?

While giving the answer, don’t over-criticize or bring out all your frustration before the interview panel. Put the answers like – “It was not much encouraging” or “There was less scope to explore my potentials which I guess I’ll get here.” [Tips for Answering “Why Did You Leave Your Current Job?” in an Interview]

5. What are your future goals?

Talk something that is relevant to the company you are applying for. Make sure your answers should be long term objectives if the company offers opportunities to grow and advance. [What to Remember When Answering to “What Are Your Goals?”]

6. Do you have any questions?

This is the last and obvious question that most employers ask. But often candidates end up with a ‘No’ or asking mere common queries. If you really wish to stand out and land the job, ask a very important question – “Where can I see myself after 5 years?” None of the other interviewees will come up with this query for sure. [What to Ask When Asked “Do You Have Any Questions?”]

Tips for a job interview 

Last but not the least:

During the session, try to build a rapport with hiring HR or board members. Being positive is highly infectious. You can interact with the interviewer asking about the various problems company is facing or you can also ask about them. Make sure not to ask anything too personal.

Hope these interview tips will help you come out with flying colours. All the best!