Tips for Answering “Why Did You Leave Your Current Job?” in an Interview

Well, sitting for the interview is not the toughest thing you do, but answering the typical and most dread question is what makes the interview a tough thing to tackle. It is not mandatory that just because you are experienced fellow and working somewhere, then you would crack all the interviews.

Today, we are taking the initiative to deal with the common, but not easy to answer questions for the ones who are already working and have an interview coming up. The time when you will appear for your second interview, a few questions will remain same, and a couple of questions would be added to the list, and the most common asked question would be “why did you leave your last job?” Now, you may think that you will say what is the real reason behind it, but, there are many things you need to consider before you answer.

How to Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Current Job”

Many times, when the interviewer is asking this question, he/she not only wants to know your reason why you left your last job but is curious to know that you won’t leave the job in their company as well in a short period of time. So, you must be very cautious with the answer you are about to give and the words you will use while answering.

Based on the research, we are giving you some powerful tips on how to answer this most common question the best way which would make your interviewer impressed.

Well, being honest is a virtue and try to be one while giving your interview. The scene would be different, and you can present your perspective when you left the job on your choice, but if you are terminated, then being honest is the best thing you can do. If you are terminated, you can tell your point of view and reason for this because your present employer would surely call up your last company to take the reference and if you have lied, they would certainly know.

Even in the worse of situations, people are asked to stay positive, and then facing the interview is just a part of professional life. No matter, if your last job experience was a bad one and you were terminated, don’t ever try to portray yourself as a victim and present your side strongly. Make an impression on your interviewer that you don’t blame the last company and make them believe that their company is what that can give you the best working environment. Add all the positive words possible while you are giving an explanation on things.

Answering in short and precise is that one tip that is suggested every time and while every question you are answering. But, in the precise question, keeping the answer as short as possible is the best you can do. When you go on elaborating things, chances are there that you would open a lot of the details about your terms with your precious company, and not all can be a good one and unnecessary you would end up creating the mess of your won interview.

The best way you can wrap up the interview process is by talking about the future tie-up with the company you are giving the interview for. Tell the interviewer why are you interested in working with them [Tips to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work Here” for a Successful Interview] and how would you prove yourself as an asset. Talk and discuss the job roles you that the new company is offering and how better you can manage the responsibilities.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Question "Why Did You Leave Your Current Job"

After you know the best way to answer this particular question to create a good impression on the interviewer, you must look out for other things like the do’s and don’ts to follow while answering this question.

The Do’s

The Don’ts

With all these tips revised, you can crack any of the toughest interviews and answer the most dread question “why did you leave your last job,” the best way. [“Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?” – Get The Best Answers Here!]