Tips to Answer "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" for a Successful Interview

When you get yourself prepared for any job interview, there are some particular questions that you should prepare earlier. Questions like “tell us about yourself” or “why do you want to work here” are quite common. Now, while facing an interview, you have to be in prom to answer whatever is asked. You can have a successful interview while you figure out the answers to these type of questions quite confidently and present your reasons quite interestingly to your recruiters. To climb on your career path, you should learn how to present yourself captivatingly to the employers so that they get bound to give a second thought about you.

Tips to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work Here” for a Successful Interview

Tips on How to Answer "Why Do You Want to Work Here"

When you go for an interview to any company, you have to face this question first or later. It may seem easy to answer it as you think their pay scale is great or the reputation they hold is quite good at the market; but when you really frame your answer and go on delivering, you may feel something missing. Yes, your task is to convince the employers with your answer, and there is any shortcut for it. To prepare yourself for this question, you can go through the following tips:

1.  Homework Is Needed

You are going to a company and you don’t know a bit of it is really not done. How will you convince your employer that you are fit for the organization? Therefore, before the interview, you should give some time on digging deep of the company. [How to Prepare for Your Job Interview and Get the Recruiter Impressed] The things you should have clear idea about before the interview are:

Knowing these will definitely impress your employers and who knows when you get the second call!

2. The Pay Scale Is Comparatively Good

We all are working for money, and you can’t think twice about it. When you applied for the job, this is the first thing you checked, and there is no point ignoring it. While asked by your employers why you chose this company, you should mention it clearly that the remuneration they are offering is quite appealing to you and you will prove yourself worthy of it. By stating your point of view, you are not only sharing your point of view, but also impressing your employers through your straight forward attitude. They will definitely think of it to use for the benefit of the company.

Answer Example: "I think your payment is fairy competitive in the job market. Because salary is one of the important factor in stimulating employers' activeness and attentiveness on work, I think working in your company could both improve my life quality and skills in handling problems."

3. You Have Heard All Good Things

Suppose, you go for an interview to such a company which has received an award last week and it was published in a newspaper. Mention it when you are asked this question. State that you will feel obliged to get associated with a company which has such a good reputation and also tell that you have heard all good things about it from your friends.

Answer Example: "I just got the news that your restaurant was ranked the Top 10 on the XXX Magazine. I think the one who are really making effort to do things deserves such reputation. I came here hoping to enroll myself as one your team member to make contribution to bring the company to a bright future. I'm willing to work under such a happy and united family." Talking about the good things will not only make the employer feel your admiration of their company but also shows your knowledge and homework about the details concerned. Emphasis on willingness to working at the team would highly increased your change of getting the job offer.

4. The Perks Are Great

There are several companies which take good care of their employees. They offer a lucrative bonus, holiday schemes, free foreign and inland trips and so on. If you are attracted by these benefits package, state that. There is nothing wrong with mentioning that you will love to acquire those if you get the opportunity to work with the company.

Answer Example: It's not a taboo topic that benefits package occupies the great share of the reasons for applying for a job. So when asking why do you want to work here, just reply to the interviewer like " I learned from the Glassdor or Indeed that so many previous or the current workers reviewed about your company benefits package as great and personalized. Of course, it's not the only reason for standing here, I came here also for pursing my career dream as a designer who can apply what he learned from school and previous working experience to the work he's going to take for the next position." Mentioning about the perks should not be ended up with your eager for great benefits but your working desire to deliver good result for the company so that the recruiter could believe you are the one the are looking for.

5. You Are the Person They Are Looking for

And you have to state it confidently and convincingly. This is the most important segment of an interview where you get a chance to express why you are different than others and how the company will be benefited by employing you. This is the time when the employers check your confidence, your nerve to face the tricky situation and to face any kind of difficulties confidently. If you have a rich CV with experiences, that will be an additional benefit.

But, if you are a fresher, you have to present yourself determined and confident. Make it clear to you that the interviewers are least interested in knowing what the company does or what the reputation of it. They already know it. These are needed only to be on safe side. But, what they don’t know is you. So, it is your responsibility to convince them that they won’t repent if they employ you.

Answer Example: The question why we should hire you tends to dig out your qualification of the job title. So how you present yourself as the one the employer is looking for is important. You may answer in this way:" I know it's the ability and skill that really matters in the job market, which means those who can meet your job requirements can take the position and I'm quite sure I'm the one to maintain this title. From my educational background, I'm the outstanding one among my classmates; As for internship experience, I've attended a lot of volunteer work program and even go to Coco Cola for a year as a internship manager; As for the working ethic, I want to make it clear that as longs as you give me the task, I can promise to finish it on time and to your point." Those words seems too overwhelming but it works when you list examples.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Asked, “Why You Want to Work Here.”

So far, you get some ideas about answering the question. But, often interviewees commit some mistakes and keep on wondering why they were not selected. Actually, employers want a candidate who is confident but not desperate. Let’s make it clear. If you are going for your first interview, try to avoid these mistakes-

Surprised, right? While you are asked this question, you should persuade the interviewer that you want the job. But, don't show that you have anything to do and want the money, so you are here.

Answer Example: "I'm in need of money and your company provide such great salary which really attracts me." Big no to such kind of answer cause it makes you seem like a street man who are begging for money to live on.

This will be a pathetic experience if you see your interviewers yawning in between your answers. Your job is to prove that you are the right candidate and you need to prove that through your answers, gestures, body language, and postures.

Answer Example: "I came here for a great company who can give me the chance to realize my dream." Such cliche should never appear in your conversation cause the interview(s) can hear them a thousand times per day. It would never distinguish you from other competitors.

“I heard your company is the coolest in the market, so, I’m here.” A big NO to such an answer. The company wants to know how much you are aware of the company, its values, and its market position. So, make your answers more realistic than superficial.

You can be humorous but don’t act over funny. Many of the interviewees just try to prove him the best and in doing so; they act like a nincompoop. You just open up your good qualities and let the interviewers decide you are the best.

So, you get ideas about how to answer the question. So, if an interview has gone wrong, don’t lose heart. Buck up and follow these tips to brush up your skills.

Answer Example: Humor is a good policy for establishing good relationship between people. But it's not ok to act funny during an interview which is an serious occasion for interviewer to look for a qualified candidate and interviewee to apply for a job. So answer like "I can imitate the roar of lions." " You look pretty today, Miss, shall we have a drink after interview." Such reply would definitely lead to rejection.