Top 20 Interview Tips for Job Hunters

Is it that you are desperately applying for the vacancies available? But face it: Job interviews can take a toll on you. No matter how good you have been throughout your academic career, interviews are always very nerve wrecking. This is the reason why most of the people mess up under stress. No! Not scaring you! So that you don’t fall into the same trap, here are some effective interview tips, which will help you to have a preparation from beforehand.

One more thing, get a proper resume done. Check for new updated formats or get it done by a professional. Remember that your resume will reflect a lot about your eligibility. Now, let’s scroll down for the top 20 guidelines below.

20 tips to improve your performance during an interview

Appearing for an interview is literally a ‘courageous job’. So with these following tips, suit up your personality and develop the skill to face as well as answer the tricky questions.

(Appearance and body language)

1. Look well-presented

Yes, nobody wants to hire a ‘messy-bessy’ in their company. Be it a girl or a guy, it is very important to look proper with neat formal clothes and tidy hair. Always remember, your appearance will create the first impression and hence, be presentable.

2. Take care of your body language

The second thing that you need to monitor constantly is your body language. Make sure your gestures speak high of you. Start from your sitting position, maintain eye contact and smile when you meet your interviewers. Listen actively to what they say and maintain a good posture while talking. This reflects your confidence and how relaxed you are. Do not fidget or slouch at any point. [Know How Body Language May Help You Ace Your Interview]

(Personality and communication)

3. Prepare the reference list well:

First things first, references speak volume about your skill, character and experience; so, pre-arrange them in the following manner:

This will also add on to the sense that you are a well organised which is a very positive point.

4. Be punctual

Yes, you must have heard this from a lot of people and it is just because, punctuality is a very important criterion. You cannot be late for your interview. Don’t ask why! Because, it reflects a sense of negligence.

(Show your eagerness and interest)

5. Know about the company

A good well-researched interviewee always gets the special preference. Of course, every company looks for someone who is excited to be a part of their prestigious organisation and wants to take them to a higher position. Doing a homework (research) will help you to improve your performance during an interview and answer their queries more specifically. [The Most Effective Way to Answer “What Do You Know About Our Company?]

6. Try to arrange an informational interview

Confused what it is? This is when you contact a person from the same company with experience or someone from the same field and arrange a meeting. There you will get to know about the activities and preferences of the company that they are looking for in the ‘to be hired’ candidate. [How to Prepare for an Informational Interview and Nail It]

(Buckle up for the main session)

7. R&D for the frequently asked questions:

In order to succeed in interviews, it is essential that you are prepared with some of the common questions like:

Now while answering, be very confident but remember to know the thin line of over-confidence, which one should not cross.

8. Prepare for a mock interview

There are many websites and institutions who can prepare you for a mock interview. There you will get to know about the details of changes you need to make (if required). This will make you look much well-polished and improve your performance during an interview.

(For the interview)

9. Connect well

To succeed in an interview, it is essential that you connect well. Talk about the related topics that have something to do with your position. Also, stay updated with the current marketing and financial position of the company where you will go for the interview.

10. Introduce numbers when you talk

Research has proved, somehow when you introduce numbers while talking, it tricks the other person's mind. How come? Well, your brain starts analyzing digits subconsciously and helps to register faster. Try out! This will create a very good impression.

11. Get your head in the game

Be focused and know your job history inside out. Keep some phrase handy so that it allows you some window to think about the question. Like for example, use ‘That is good, and I would say…’ to think and form your answer.

12. Please don’t brag

Yes, maybe you have achieved a lot, but that does not mean you will be saying that constantly. If it is mentioned in your resume, they can read it by themselves, or if they want to know, they will ask about it.

13. Please, no bad humor!

Often to hide stress, interviewees try to play their strength of humor and end up cracking bad jokes. This can absolutely backfire you, so be aware.

14. Ask relevant questions

Show that you are eager to know more about the job and your position. Also, this is a trick you can play. If you see them answering all your questions with excruciating detailing, certainly you can assume, they have really liked you.

(After the interview)

15. Make a mark before leaving

Mention about ‘how good the experience was’ and thank them for considering you. Your pleasant nature and sportsmanship spirit will reflect a lot on whether you will be a team player or not. So while leaving, make sure they cannot ignore you.

16. Thanking note

Do not forget to thank your interviewers. You can do that either via email or leave a letter at the office desk. [How to Write a Thank You Letter After Interview]

17. Follow up

Ask what you should expect and leave it at how thankful you are for the opportunity and how you are looking forward to it. [Interview Follow-up: Know the Best Way to Do It]

Final interview tips

      18. Be yourself, do not fake anything
      19. Make sure that you respect the decision and comments given. Sometimes interviewers are harsh just to test you.
      20. Believe in your own potential.

Have it all now? So, go ahead and prepare well with these interview tips. You are surely going to land that job!