Ultimate Interview Rules You Need to Know Before the Interview

An interview process is the first time an interested employer sees, observes and converses with you. And it is not about your qualifications; the interviewer already knows that from your resume. From any employers’ point of view, a candidate with the right qualifications already has the skill-set for that job. The reason you are called for that interview is to find out whether you’ll be able to use those skills, whether you’ll succeed or even excel.

Every word you say and gesture you make is important in an interview process and it’s all about your psyche or mindset. The interview is about giving an employer what he’s looking for from you. And for that, you need to know what he wants and show him the same too. What follows are 6 basic rules and tips to follow to make sure you can showcase whatever you are.

6 Tips/Rules for a perfect interview process:

Company Research

This is kind of a rain-check. To know about the company or organization is to know quite a bit of what the employer wants from you. To a company, an employee is one of the pieces of the whole system which delivers or gets the job done. To prepare for an interview process, you need to look over:


This is gospel in case of business or any kind of work-related sector. This is also one of the primary to-do rules for a job interview. And it’s not just about punctuality, formal attires and a serious demeanor – it is a mindset. Professionalism is about getting the job done and managing the situation. It is a balance between strictures and flexibility. And if you want to exhibit it, here are some key things which you need to do.


Making the right impression is not about showing off. It starts with honest self-assessment. There’s a lot behind pressed suits and ties and that is polish. Being smooth contoured with the right apparels is something that’s common and doesn’t need telling. But, what matters more is what you have inside and that is the central point to an interview.


One of the most important things which you or anyone in an interview need to do is to listen and follow-up. You need to listen not just to what the interviewer is asking but also to what he wants to know. This is something which you need to start from the very first exchange and continue throughout. Listen to his thoughts and respond.


The proper psyche is all about having the right balance of personality. You have to be confident and not over-confident. Being modest is good but missing an opportunity to show your panache is something that is a make-or-break scenario.

 Positive Conclusion

Be positive throughout the interview and especially at the end. You will have to catch up on the hints. Take a cue from the interviewer when he changes the conversation with you to the actual digits or the offer.

If you want to give a perfect interview, you need to look at it from the employers’ eye. For a proper interview preparation, you have to keep in mind that it is his decision which is final. And what you need to do is understand the parameters of that decision and provide them to him in the best way.

You need to remember that an interview process is just as complex an affair for you as it is to the employer. If you want that job you have to know the profile which he seems fit for that job. Work on that profile, show it and ace that interview.