What to Ask When Asked “Do You Have Any Questions?”

Most of the candidates who come across this question in an interview end up answering it in negative. But actually this is the perfect opportunity to show how you think, your initiative and your understanding of the company. So, whenever you are asked the question of “Do you have any questions?” by the hiring panel, do not hesitate to say yes. Of course, once you have decided to say yes, it means that you also need to prepare for the kind of questions you want to ask. This article is to help you find the best way to prepare for this question in advance while helping you to ace the interview.

It is highly pertinent that you ask the right kind of question when you get an opportunity to do so. This opportunity is for you to find any missing information, that you couldn’t find out on the internet or to get more information about your job designation. But again, it is also dependent on the question that you ask that will make you endearing to the interview panel.

Answering with Confidence

Let us consider an example here of a candidate attending an interview for a position in sales department. Now when asked to take their turn for asking questions, the candidate chooses to enquire on the benefits he can make from joining the company, the bonuses, the vacations, etc. If this is your first interview, then asking such questions will show you as a self centered person who is after monetary benefits.

If you are not sure on what you need to ask, then you can politely refuse stating that the interviewer has provided adequate information and you will approach them in any time during your tenure for any clarification. This will show your confidence in getting the job but it will show lack of interest or motivation in you. The best way to deal with this question is to enquire on the challenges that you would be facing in the position and what is the expectation of the company from you regarding the same.

Answer Example: “Could you tell me more about the policy you outlined on customer retention and what would be my contribution in regards to the same?”

This sounds quite promising and exciting from you to the interviewer. It shows that you paid attention that you are confident and you might possibly have a solution.

Preparation is the Key

Nothing can beat the preparation when it comes to perfecting. Prepare a list of questions that you would want to ask. Your questions should depend on who your interviewer is going to be. Below are some pointers to help you.

  1. If it is the hiring manager that you are interviewing with, then you might want to ask more about the job, what is expected out of you and the challenges you will be facing, etc.
  2. If you would be meeting with the HR personnel, then your question should be based more on the company and the way your department works.
  3. In case your interview is scheduled with the top management then you may want to prepare questions on the overall industry, the future challenges, etc. You should be ready to show your knowledge in the industry and prepare your questions accordingly.

Despite, whom you will be facing for the interview, if you prepare well in advance, then you, will be able to get through with little to no effort. Also your questions will reflect on your knowledge content and your attitude to the management.

Time it Well

Timing is the key. The questions should come naturally and it should be pertinent to the interview. You have to prepare well in advance on the different questions you want to ask the interviewer and also decide when you want to ask them. You need not always wait for the interviewer to ask you if you have any questions. It has to flow naturally into your conversation with the interviewer.

If you pay attention, you will note that there is an opportunity to ask certain questions like the vacation policies and employee benefits and you should make use of this opportunity to ask them. However, it would be better to prepare yourself on questions related to the job and the company in general rather than focusing on your personal package.

Also, if you notice that this is a brilliant opportunity to know more about the place you will be working at. This will give you an idea whether it meets with your work place expectations and whether it really is your dream job. You can also ask for a feedback about your performance in the interview which can give you an insight on how you have performed and whether you stand a chance. Speak politely and sound inquisitive to get yourself a positive review.

Answer Example:

  1. "Where do you see this department in the next year and what is your plan for the unit? How do you think the position will help in accomplishing the same?"
  2. "What are my traits which you feel will be more beneficial in helping with the success of the department and the overall organization?"