Equipment Operator III (Highways)

Anne Arundel County, MD Mayo, MD 2019-07-11

NOTE: This is the proposed salary effective July 11, 2019.

This posting will be used to fill Full-Time, Permanent, Safety Sensitive Equipment Operator III positions in the Department of Public Works, Highways Division. This is advanced level work operating heavy-sized vehicles and construction equipment and performing semi-skilled and laborer work. This position includes the operation of a gradall, grader, backhoe and lowboy.


Employees in this class are expected to have advanced skills in the operation and preventive maintenance of a variety of construction vehicles and equipment as well as perform skilled laborer duties in highway maintenance. Contacts are generally limited to the crew to which the position is assigned as well as with the public in providing information, assistance, and ensuring laws and regulations are followed.

This class is distinguished from the Equipment Operator II by the complexity of construction vehicles and equipment operated, the skilled work required in making repairs to highways, storm drains, curbs and sidewalks, excavating, grading, towing trailers and other comparable tasks. The work requires considerable judgment in carrying out assignments and minimum supervision, and the work completed should not require modifications.

The vehicles and construction equipment that employees in this class operate include operating a gradall, grader, backhoe and lowboy.

In addition, employees perform a variety of skilled tasks in support of a maintenance crew to which they are assigned. Because of the nature of this work the employee is expected to be available to work hours outside of the normal workweek and respond to work emergencies when required.

Work assignments are received from a supervisor or team leader, and general guidelines are provided in how the work needs to done. The employee is often assigned as working leader of a maintenance or repair crew in coordinating the workflow and ensuring that work projects are completed properly and within prescribed time limits.

There is considerable physical effort required in lifting and moving heavy materials and equipment and standing or walking for considerable periods of time, and repeated bending, crawling, or stretching. The working conditions expose the worker to dirty, noisy, dusty areas where very disagreeable odors may be present. The hazards of the job require wearing hard hats, safety shoes and glasses, when working with dangerous machinery, and tools or equipment in confined spaces. Work is frequently performed in adverse weather conditions for long periods of time.

There are positions in this class where employees have considerable contact with the public that requires courtesy and patience while providing information on county practices and policies. Work performance is reviewed and evaluated by a supervisor.
Examples of Duties and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: (Note: The duties and responsibilities enumerated in this class specification are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications and salary level for all positions in this class. They are not intended to include all of the essential functions of all positions in the class.)

Operates all the vehicles and equipment required of an Equipment Operator II in addition to operating a gradall, grader, backhoe and lowboy and other comparable level construction vehicles and equipment used in performing road maintenance tasks.

Drives and operates construction vehicles and equipment to work location and performs skilled tasks as required.

Performs duties as a working leader in coordinating the workflow and performance of a maintenance crew at a job site, including inmates and contractual labor.

Operates a grader and dump truck and other equipment during snow removal operations.

Sets grade stakes and determines drainage ditch invert elevations, asphalt curb alignment and defines pavement lanes and edge lines.

Designs sediment and erosion control measures in creating slopes, grades, and drainage ditches.

Constructs forms and mixes concrete and finishes to repair storm drains, curbs and sidewalks.

Operates a track backhoe/excavator to excavate and backfill of ditches and trenches.

Operates for training purposes and during temporary staffing shortfalls vehicles and equipment normally operated by a Senior Equipment Operator.

Explains to less skilled employees in the regulations and safe operation of construction vehicles and equipment.

Works in confined spaces to clean storm drains, drainage ditches, inlets.

Performs preventive maintenance on vehicles, tools, and equipment.

Performs as required all laborer type tasks that are performed by lower classified employees.

Operates a steel roller and paver in laying asphalting and fills in road depressions with slag, gravel, stone, or cold mix asphalt.

Responds to work emergencies and call outs after normal work hours.

Drives a tractor-trailer containing residential solid waste and recycling to various disposal and processing facilities for further processing.

May be assigned supervisory duties in absence of a supervisor.

Performs maintenance in accordance with written procedures and vehicular and equipment specifications.

Inspects, services and maintains a variety of equipment and assist mechanics in performing equipment repairs.

May be assigned to operate, during temporary staffing shortfalls and for training purposes, equipment normally operated by a Senior Public Works Technician.

Explains to less skilled employees the regulations, and safe operation of vehicles/equipment.

Files and maintains various reports and inspection sheets such as daily driver operation log, scale house and recycling weight tickets and manifests to indicate source of material.

Drives a water truck on dirt roads to reduce dusty conditions and to water mulch stockpiles.

Operates a backhoe and rubber tire loader to crush materials in a dumpster and load and unload materials.

Drives a dump truck or other comparable vehicle during snow removal operations and provides support services as needed.

Operates vehicles and equipment and performs duties of lower classified employees as required.

Excavates and backfills soil, compacts soil and prepares final grade for temporary patching or topsoil.

Removes large water meters from vaults.

Reads blue prints and use computer software to locate specific locations of water and waste water lines.

Drives a truck and flat bed trailer loaded with backhoe and equipment to various job sites.

Operates all equipment of lower classified employees such as: dump truck, small bull dozers, rubber tired loaders, front end loaders, bobcat, concrete breakers, air compressors, pipe saws, tampers, forklifts, skid loaders, vacuum trucks

Orders, bulk materials, machine parts, and sorts and stocks yard material.

Operates hand and power tools such as air hammers and asphalt saws.

Attends safety training for operating construction vehicles and equipment, working in confined spaces, trenching and shoring, traffic control and first-aid, and CPR.

Performs work in confined spaces and trenches, and follows all Federal, State and local laws on safety precautions and requirements.

Performs work leader duties over a maintenance and repair crew engaged in water/sewer repair, testing and inspection.

Performs preventive maintenance on vehicles, tools, and equipment and makes minor repairs.

Performs work in all types of weather conditions and anytime during the day or week.

Maintains appropriate vehicular and equipment records and logs.


Thorough knowledge of the operating characteristics and preventive maintenance requirements of heavy construction vehicles, equipment and power tools.

Thorough knowledge of construction practices in maintaining roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, storm drains and setting grade stakes.

Thorough knowledge of the work hazards and applicable safety precautions required to be applied in operating construction equipment and power tools.

Thorough knowledge of how to effectively and safely rig vehicles, loads and products for towing.

Thorough knowledge of applicable traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to operating equipment.

Thorough knowledge of applicable traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to operating equipment.

Thorough knowledge of the primary and secondary roads system in Anne Arundel County.

Thorough knowledge in excavating around buried utilities.

Ability to lead a maintenance crew in performing work assignments.

Ability to read and follow engineer blue prints.

Ability to read and follow street map directions.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to stand or walk over rough terrain for long periods of time.

Ability to work in close areas requiring considerable bending, crouching, stretching or crawling.

Ability to climb ladders or scaffolding.

Ability to lift heavy objects and bulky items.

Ability to work in dirty, noisy, dusty conditions where very disagreeable odors may be present.

Ability to work with dangerous hand and power tools.

Ability to work hours beyond the standard workweek and schedule as required.

Ability to establish effective working relationships with other employees.

Ability to communicate effectively with the public and employees.
Minimum Qualifications: Sufficient education to understand and follow oral and written instructions; four (4) or more years experience in the operation of heavy-duty automotive and related equipment; and, a valid commercial Class B motor vehicle operator's license.

NOTE: Examples of heavy-duty equipment include operation of a gradall, grader, backhoe, lowboy, and dumptruck.

NOTE: This position is Safety Sensitive and employees in this position are subject to Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) and Alcohol testing.

NOTE: Longevity pay is available based on years of service.
Supplemental Qualifications: Preference will be given to candidates with the following:

1.) Possession of a valid Class A Unrestricted commercial motor vehicle operator's license.

2.) Experience and proficiency operating a gradall, grader, backhoe, lowboy, and dumptruck.

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