Web Developer - Referral Partnership

PayJunction San Francisco, CA 2018-08-05

Are you an independent web developer with a large network of clients who process e-commerce
transactions? Do you design web pages that require an e-commerce solution? Are you looking
for proven opportunities to generate large residual streams of income? Glassdoor ranked
PayJunction 29th on its list of the 50 Best Places to Work and Forbes.com deemed PayJunction
one of "the best companies to watch for remote jobs."
As a referral partner with PayJunction, you can leverage your personal and professional brand
to effectively represent our product and ensure we meet your client's needs. This is an
outstanding opportunity for an experienced web design professional looking to build long-term
passive revenue streams through lifetime vested residuals.
Please Note: We are only looking for experienced web developers. If you do not have at least 1
year of experience, please do not apply.

How We Define Success:
Get behind our product– the more you put into this partnership, the more you'll get out of
it, and that's a whole lot easier if you believe in what we do.
? Refer our web-based merchant services to the businesses in your current
network. Work directly with a dedicated sales director to refer them clients and
build a long-term lasting relationship.

Building Blocks for Success:
? Experience working as a web developer - one year experience a must.
? A large network of business clients and connections who deal in e-commerce
? Confidence in our mission and an eagerness to share it with businesses.
? A willingness to invest in your personal success.
? Desire to build and leverage professional relationships.

How It Works:
? You must bring your own book of business - we will train you on our product but
not provide you with leads or contacts.
? You get out what you put in – work with us however much you want with no
minimum quotas.
? You simply refer us the qualified clients – you’re sales director partner will
handle demoing the services and closing the deal.
? You'll receive digital and print marketing materials from us.
? You'll receive support in the form of direct contact with our API support and
account management teams.

? You'll create a profile on our web-based online sales community to submit leads
and streamline the referral process.
? You'll receive upfront commission and lifetime vested residuals paid on all
accounts with no cap – your earning potential is unlimited; however, there is no base
salary or hourly rate as this is a contracted referral partnership.

About PayJunction
Founded in 2000 by three UCSB graduates without a single dollar of outside investment,
PayJunction has gone from bootstrapped to billions in processing. Initially profiting only pennies
on every dollar, PayJunction, with a team of over 3,000 nationwide, now transacts over $3
billion dollars annually for tens of thousands of clients.
As the leading developer of paperless payment software, PayJunction has eliminated the need
to file away paper receipts, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing costs for small and
medium sized businesses, but more importantly, reducing the carbon footprint of an entire
industry. PayJunction takes pride in its design and engineering. We believe computer science is
an art; it just happens to be the brush we use to paint our product with innovation and
Our brand was built with a long-term vision, our goal is to be a generational tech company and
our integrity is the foundation of our success. PayJunction values long-term relationships over
short-term profit. The owners still head day-to-day operations for the company, and are as
dedicated to fostering the culture as they are to developing the product.
Company Ethos
? We value long-term relationships over short-term profit.
? We are building something that will last longer than us.
? We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team.
? We create products that improve the lives of our customers.
? We build green technology that costs less than our prospective clients pay now.
? We are constantly innovating.

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