Jewelry Polisher

Borsheims Mead, NE 2019-07-11
Jewelry Polisher - Full Time Omaha, NE

The Jewelry Polisher cleans and polishes jewelry. Completes final stages of entry level repair including engraving, sandblasting, pearl and stone cementing, and electro-stripping and plating.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Polishes and cleans jewelry items to final stage using various polishing equipment, tools, materials, and solutions.
  • Reviews all incoming job envelopes received for repair, stock, appraisal, engraving, etc. for complete instructions, type and amount of work needed, charges, and completion date. Verifies merchandise in envelope matches job envelope description.
  • Draw picture or illustrates individual items on shop envelopes for proper re-identification after work is completed.
  • Completes inside ring engraving, plating, and basic miscellaneous finishing (brushing, sand blast, antiquing, masking, etc.) as requested.
  • Re-sets pearls and other gem materials using applicable cementing techniques.
  • Uses metal testing acids to identify metal type and/or content. Removes evidence of testing as needed.
  • Organizes jobs according to due dates.
  • Maintains clean work area on a daily basis and follows established schedule for changing solutions and cleaning equipment.
  • Follows SAS guidelines and proper procedures for using, maintaining, storing, and eliminating all chemical solutions associated with required work. Follows equipment safety procedures at all times.
  • Maintains equipment in good working order through proper use and cleaning. Reports equipment failure directly to the shop manager or jeweler foreman.
  • Performs other related duties as requested by supervisory personnel.

Essential Functions:

  • Ability to work assigned schedule on a regular basis.
  • Ability to communicate with customers, co-workers, and business contacts in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Ability to see well enough to read small print, with aid of minor magnification detect imperfections in jewelry articles (scratches, nicks, porosity, dullness, etc.), check quality of work on small parts or entire pieces of jewelry items and read computer screen.
  • Ability to hear and speak well enough to converse with others in person, via telephone and paging system.
  • Ability to move about the store from department to department, get behind narrow counter areas, and bend down or reach up into drawers/shelves.
  • Dexterity to write in small print, to hold on to and use jewelers’ tools, handle small jewelry/gift items while repairing, and bend over and pick up dropped materials.
  • Stamina to sit for over eight hours and focus on small detailed work.
  • Ability to work in a shop environment i.e. elevated noise, steamer, minor dust, etc.
  • Ability to work with exposure to chemicals, low-voltage plating equipment, flammable materials, and fast-moving machinery.
  • Ability to lift and carry approximately 20 lbs.

Borsheims offers an excellent BENEFITS package that includes:

  • Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Wellness Program
  • 401K
  • Vacation & Holiday Pay
  • Regular Weekly Schedule
  • Closed on Sundays/No Late Nights
  • Incredible Employee Discount
  • Service Awards
  • Promote from Within
  • Ongoing Education & Training
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