Junior / Intern C# Developer

C2IT Consulting Beech Grove, IN 2019-05-23
C2IT Consulting, Inc. (C2IT) is an Indianapolis based software development and IT services
business with over 20 years experience in helping small-scale organizations do big things with
technology. C2IT builds data-driven software and solutions that help others increase efficiency
and accuracy, reduce lost time, and integrate technology platforms in ways never before
The Junior or Intern C# Developer will work under the supervision of the President, Project
Manager, and Lead Developer and will be responsible for contributing to the development of
software we develop and maintain for our clients. C2IT is a rapidly developing and a growing
business, and there are tremendous opportunities for this entry-level role to transition into a long
term and vital role of development and leadership within our organization.
Role Summary
As a C# developer, you will be involved in many aspects of development at C2IT. This role will
create opportunities to work on projects under new development as well as update, enhance,
maintain, document, and debug existing projects.
C2IT has been building web, desktop, and mobile applications for years. We are heavily
invested in building mobile apps for the iOS and Android operating system using a platform
called Xamarin, which allows mobile apps to be built in C# using a combination of shared code
and platform specific technologies, all without the need to intimately understand Java and
Objective C.
At C2IT, you’ll benefit from working with a small but experienced team that will offer support and
the scope to greatly enhance your technical skills and knowledge. You’ll also be on the ground
floor of a growing team, and opportunities to share your perspective will abound, as will
advancement opportunities with our joint success.
We want to find someone who is keen to contribute ideas and who loves finding interesting and
brilliant solutions to problems.
We are looking for an individual who is highly experienced in the C# development. The
projects we are part of span a wide variety of platforms - web, desktop, and mobile to name a
few, so a willingness and excitement to explore new ways to use this powerful language is a
necessity, particularly in the world of mobile apps through the Xamarin platform.
Job Description
Technical Responsibilities
Design, develop, debug, and document mobile apps based using C#-based
technologies using the Visual Studio and Xamarin platform.
Integrate mobile apps we create and maintain with web-based APIs, both our own
and those provided by 3rd parties
Design, develop, and modify ASP.NET websites and web-based components based
on functional and system requirements.
Integrate ASP.NET websites with existing or newly-developed data / business layers.
Update existing ASP.NET web projects based on new requirements, enhanced
technologies, and reported issues.
Work closely with the Project Manager and Lead Developer to create, communicate, and
understand functional and system requirements.
Assist with documentation, testing, and deployment newly-developed and existing
mobile, web, and desktop applications.
Other Responsibilities
Assist in the selection and implementation of tools and technologies used in
development, project planning/tracking, and testing.
Appropriately utilize tools used in the development of software we create and maintain,
including project scoping, time tracking, and bug tracking.
Excellent C# development skills
A strong desire to use the C# language in a wide variety of scenarios, especially in
mobile apps and web projects
Experience and good understanding of SQL Server database technologies and how to
integrate with web-based software and APIs
Experience and good understanding of a variety of related technologies, including
JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Web API, SQLite, and HTML
Nice to Have
Experience with building native mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms
Experience and understanding of VB.NET and other database technologies, such as
SQLite and MySql
Experience and understanding of LINQ-to-SQL technology
Ability to demonstrate application of development skills and understanding of above
technologies in the “real world,” such as products produced for paying clients, published
web applications, and/or contributions to open-source projects.
Ability to read, tweak, and interface with other web-based languages and technologies,
including Classic ASP, PHP, WordPress, and WordPress plugins

Experience with tools and methodologies such as:
Git / SourceTree (Source Control)
Zoho Projects (Project Management)
Interpersonal Skills
Highly motivated self-starter focused on producing results that matter
Ability to learn on-the-fly, whether by independent research, proof of concept
development, or working together as a team
Team player with a strong desire to achieve personal growth while being part of
something bigger than one’s self
About C2IT
C2IT creates and implements technology solutions for small scale organizations with an
economy of scale that typically only larger companies can afford. We accomplish this through
strategic partnerships with innovative first clients and a future-focused product life-cycle that
consistently produces new lines of business and catapults the company into new niches,
markets, and industry.
At C2IT, we not only help small-scale organizations - we ARE a small-scale organization. Born
out of a vision to help “the little guy” do more than he ever imagined he could, we too know how
important it is to build a team that truly works together. Our small staff is highly cross-trained,
works together on every project, and this provides great opportunities for continual growth and
advancement within our business.
If you have an interest in professional growth while becoming an integral part of a growing
business, it’s time to consider joining C2IT Consulting, Inc.
For more information about our company, please visit www.c2itconsulting.net.
To submit your resume, send please send it along with a cover letter with how you think you
might fit into this role to jobs@c2itconsulting.net.