Assistant Chemist - 1921

City of Winston-Salem, NC Kernersville, NC 2019-06-14
$44,673 a year

Under regular supervision, performs routine professional work involving the chemical, physical and bacteriological analysis of water, sewage, industrial wastes and by-products of water or sewage treatment process in a small lab; does related work as required.

Examples of Duties:

Conducts regular chemical analysis of samples of sewage, industrial waste and by-products of the treatment process to determine sampling methods and makes recommendations on types of tests to be used; makes regular bacteriological identification; personally performs, supervises and reviews laboratory tests to determine dissolved oxygen, toxicity, nutrients, chemical oxygen demand, turbidity, chlorophyll, bio-chemical oxygen demand, chlorine residual, grease, detergents, sulfides, coliform, settleable and suspended solids and alkalinity, atomic absorption analysis, TOC analysis, gas chromatography and performs other routine and specialized tests; prepares reports; collects random water and wastewater samples and samples taken from various stages of treatment; performs chemical and bacteriological tests, including bacteria count, coliform check, turbidity, color, alkalinity, PH, CO2, chlorine residual, temperature and fluoride; periodically runs odor, hardness and chloride tests; checks logs of water purification operators and directs usage of chemicals for proper treatment; supervises Lab Technician in the course of assignments; prepares and maintains records and reports; responds to complaints by water customers.

Typical Qualifications:

Education and Experience: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a bachelor's degree with major course work in chemistry or biology and some laboratory experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Some knowledge of the principles of organic and inorganic chemistry including qualitative and quantitative analysis; general knowledge of modern chemical laboratory procedures, techniques and equipment and skill in their use; some knowledge of elementary physics, physical chemistry and biochemistry; ability to prepare clear and accurate scientific reports including suitable graphic representations; ability to work effectively with others on a professional level.

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