Supervisor, Field Supply Chain

Cox Communications Dulzura, CA 2019-01-10
Plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet internal customers' requirements. Responsible for the purchase of telecommunications equipment, parts, and related goods and services to meet the needs of the Company nationwide. Manages the corporate Logistics, Warehouse, and Bar Coding processes. Develops and implements Inventory Control systems, policies and procedures in a Shared Services environment. Maintains primary oversight of corporate contract negotiations for purchase agreements and service level agreements.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Negotiates favorable third party contracts and service level agreements that establish and set service expectation levels with third party vendors. Ensuring all contracts with third party vendors comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
Manages Cox's existing contracts and develops transition strategy to termination or renewal. Provides direction to assist in new vendor or contract implementation.
Develop and implement an efficient and effective process to communicate third party vendor contract and contact information to Cox departments and field locations.
Review requisitions monitoring contract compliance with established agreements.
Coordinate with suppliers to facilitate expediting purchase orders to insure timely deliveries of the correct products.
Assists in the development, implementation and periodic updating of materials management/logistic policies and procedures to the Supply Chain Web site.
Standardizes Material Management/logistic processes across the company to gain process efficiencies.
Ensures that inventory levels represented in software solutions are accurate with on-hand inventory sufficient to meet short-term needs to avoid inventory shortages and or inventory stock piles.
Develops and deploys updates and reports that facilitate forecasting of overall material needs, inventory levels and excess inventory level avoidance.
Encourages and enhances Cox's supplier diversity efforts to increase overall percent of goods and services purchased through diversity vendors.

Education and Minimum Qualifications:
Typical Training / Experience - Typically requires BS/BA in related discipline; some disciplines may only require Associates degree.
3 to 5 years experience in related field.
Certification is required in some areas
Previous people leadership experience

Preferred Qualifications

Supply chain leadership experience

Influence/People Leadership - Primary input to hiring, performance, and rewards decisions for a group of service, production, or support employees, perhaps assisted by subordinate team leaders or senior individual contributor employees; Primary contribution is supervising other people (rather than applying knowledge); Supervises support, production, and/or lower level professional individual contributor employees directly or indirectly; Schedules work for optimum efficiency and productivity; Provides day-to-day work direction; Schedules and approves vacation and overtime; May be a project or process manager without direct reports responsible for influencing and coordinating with non-reporting resources

Supervision - Typically supervises non-exempt support and service employees

Span Of Control/Complexity - Activities are relatively homogenous; generally only one shift or area is supervised by incumbents at this level OR may lead smaller, less complex projects/ assignments

Decision-Making Authority - In conjunction with higher management, ensures that work is performed consistently with CCI policies and procedures

Financial - Contributes to development of an operating plan, budget, and performance goals (revenue and/or expense) for the work group(s) managed and the department of which it is a part; May manage elements/portions of a department or project budget

Consequence Of Error - Actions at this level can cause or prevent delays, inefficiencies, or unnecessary expenses and affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the people and/or the projects managed

Typical Problems Solved - Identification/application of solutions is more likely to be based on similar prior experiences, not on ingenuity; problems are generally clearly defined

Core Functions - Assigns and checks work; Provides guidance and training; Provides input to hiring, firing, layoff, promotion, reward, and other decisions; Manages overtime; Focused on maintaining steady workflow and productivity, meeting service/productivity standards, and resolving operational problems and handling disturbances; Manages a small/medium size project team

Technical/Admin Work Performed - May spend up to 20% of time performing service, production, craft, or support work OR May manage a project or process that is more narrowly defined or basic/noncomplex.