QuickBase Database Analyst

DOEE Bowie, MD 2019-07-10

The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) seeks an IT Consultant who will assist DOEE with several existing program databases, each of which is built using Quick Base. The IT Consultant will work with DOEE’s Regulatory Review Division (RRD) staff to build, enhance, and maintain modules within existing databases. Specific design requirements will be identified by RRD. The IT Consultant must have experience developing databases using low-code, cloud-based database platforms. Experience building permitting databases with Quick Base is required.

The IT Consultant will work with DOEE staff to build and maintain databases that are used to implement water-related permitting and incentive programs. The IT Consultant must have the capacity to collaborate with DOEE staff that has various levels of IT knowledge. The IT Consultant must have the ability to develop database modules and functions that DOEE’s non-technical program staff can adapt to other functions and purposes.

The IT Consultant will build database modules to meet DOEE’s program implementation requirements. Most database modules have been or will be designed by DOEE, and some database modules have already been partially constructed. The IT Consultant will also assist in general administration of the databases, including through data quality control, user management, and documentation of the database design.

Specific tasks will include:
- Creation of tables, fields, formulas, and relationships within the existing databases
- Creation of database workflows and automation of database workflows
- Creation of reports and document templates
- Creation of user roles and permission settings
- Developing interfaces/integrations between multiple databases

Applicants must have the capability to:
- Develop and implement custom pages in custom applications using both the Quick Base API as well as the native Quick Base interface;
- Build Quick Base applications, pages, and dashboards for program analysis and business processes analysis;
- Design and improve custom software applications;
- Collaborate with project managers, users, stakeholders, and others with varying levels of IT knowledge to design user-centric applications;
- Respond to multiple time-sensitive tasks and deadlines;
- Communicate effectively verbally and in writing;


1. Coordinates IT project management, engineering, maintenance, QA, and risk management.
2. Plans, coordinates, and monitors project activities.
3. Develops technical applications to support users.
4. Develops, implements, maintains and enforces documented standards and procedures for the design, development, installation, modification, and documentation of assigned systems.
5. Provides training for system products and procedures.
6. Performs application upgrades.
7. Performs, monitoring, maintenance, or reporting on real- time databases, real-time network and serial data communications, and real-time graphics and logic applications.
8. Troubleshoots problems.
9. Ensures project life-cycle is in compliance with District standards and procedures.

Minimum Education/Certification Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field or equivalent experience

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $30.00 /hour


  • ensure project compliant w/established standard/procedure: 2 years (Required)
  • design and improve custom software applications: 2 years (Required)
  • develop custom databases for permitting programs: 1 year (Required)
  • planning, coordinating, and monitoring project activities: 2 years (Required)
  • respond to multiple time-sensitive tasks and deadlines: 2 years (Required)
  • develop & implement custom pages in custom applications: 2 years (Required)
  • collaborate w/others to design user-centric applications: 2 years (Required)
  • Quick Base: 3 years (Required)
  • use Quick Base API & the native Quick Base interface: 2 years (Required)
  • build Quick Base applications, pages, and dashboards: 2 years (Required)
  • communicate effectively verbally and in writing: 2 years (Required)
  • leading projects: 2 years (Required)


  • Bachelor's (Required)


  • Washington, DC (Required)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Preferred)

Full Time Opportunity:

  • Yes
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