Warehouse Selector

Giant Food Georgetown, MD 2019-07-01

Warehouse Selectors work in our 24-hour, 7 days per week Fresh Food/Produce Facility. Selectors are directed by store orders using a voice command head set, and move through the selection area using a battery-operated double pallet jack. The Selector manually picks cartons of various sizes, shapes and weights from numbered slots and places them on a pallet. When the store order is complete, the selector wraps and stages the pallet at a designated dock door.

The Fresh Food Selector’s shift is 8 hours, five days/week. Overtime can be mandatory and voluntary depending on the needs of the business. The Selector has one 15-minute break after the first 3 hours of work and another 15-minute break 3 hours before the end of the shift.

Additionally, Selectors are required to do the following;

  • Use safe work practices including safe body mechanics
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) as required.
  • Build sturdy pallets to fill store orders with warehouse product and prepare them for shipment to stores.
  • Safely operate a pallet jack and other mobile equipment as required.
  • Be able to process information from a store order and locate specific storage areas within the warehouse.
  • Meet current and future daily/weekly productivity standards
  • Be available and support mandatory overtime when required.
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