Food Service Manager

Greyhound Butler, KY 2019-01-03

Job Title: Restaurant Manager

Company: Greyhound

Division: Food Service

Job Summary:

The Restaurant Manager is responsible for planning and controlling all activities of a food service unit location in order to run a profitable operation while meeting financial, safety, health, and compliance objectives and/or regulations.

Job Duties:

  • Hires and maintains necessary staffing levels based on business needs.
  • Creates work schedules and tracks employee time and attendance.
  • Assigns duties and responsibilities to employees in accordance with business needs.
  • Ensures employees are properly trained (e.g. food handling, sanitation, safety procedures, customer service) and that employees have the necessary tools/equipment to perform the functions of their job.
  • Evaluates employees and provides feedback regarding their work performance and conduct.
  • Participates in company meetings, project implementations, and strategic initiatives as requested by upper management (e.g. safety meetings, employee recognition and reward programs, etc.).
  • Fosters a positive working relationships with other departments, key personnel, vendors, etc. in order to increase operational efficiency.
  • Communicates with subordinates and keeps them up-to-date of pertinent information via different modes (e.g. group meetings, written memorandums, postings, and/or individual discussions).
  • Ensures all legal directives and company standards are being followed relating to the operation of a food service establishment (e.g. facility cleanliness and sanitation, food preparation, food quality standards, safety procedures, building/equipment maintenance, etc.).
  • Analyzes and controls costs associated with hourly labor, food waste, unpopular or less profitable items, theft, etc.
  • Performs various financial activities (e.g. cash handling, cash deposits, employee payroll, etc.).
  • Performs some food service tasks (e.g. cooking, cleaning, taking orders, etc.) as necessary.
  • Resolves customer complaints and employee relation issues (e.g. conducts investigations, provides feedback, disciplines employees, etc.).
  • Maintains a detailed inventory of food, retail, and paper products and ensures that a sufficient par stock is available through proper ordering, receiving and pricing.
  • Prepares and submits daily, weekly and monthly sales and operating reports (e.g. Daily Sales and Labor Reports (SPMH), Invoice Transmittal Sheets, Vending Logs, and Unit EOM Workbook).
  • Maintains files and records in accordance with company policy and statutory law.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Education
    • Some College (preferred)
  • Certifications:
    • Food Handler’s Certification
  • Experience:
    • 1-years Supervisory Experience
    • 2-year Restaurant Industry Experience
  • Knowledge:
    • Administrative and Management Principles
    • Accounting Principles
    • Customer Service Principles
    • Food Handling Requirements
  • Skills:
    • Leadership
    • Customer Service Orientation
    • Strong organization
    • Numerical reasoning
    • Dependability
    • People and Process Monitoring
    • Active Listening & Oral Expression
    • Reading, writing, and speaking in English
    • Proficient with Office software (e.g. Excel, Outlook, etc.).
  • Abilities:
    • Ability to stand/walk 80% of the workday.
    • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
    • Ability to perform pushing/pulling activities.
    • Ability to bend/stoop, squat, and kneel/crouch/crawl
    • Ability to climb, reach, and twist
  • Other:
    • Flexibility to work on holidays and weekends.
    • May be required to work 80% on the floor and 20% in the office.
    • Able to wear safety equipment (e.g. Apron, goggles, heat resistant gloves, etc.)
    • May be required to work 100% indoors in a food service environment, with noise/fumes, machines, cleaning chemicals, tools equipment and work aids.
    • Travel 0-5%

Job Category: Restaurant - Food Service, Retail

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