Acquisition Tax Professional 2 Yr 1

H&R Block Eola, OR 2019-07-11

Job Description:
As a representative of H&R Block, you are responsible for preparing complete and accurate tax returns, introducing clients to and offering other H&R Block financial products and services with the goal of helping clients achieve their financial objectives.

This job title includes the Certification Level/Titles referenced in the H&R Block Tax Professional Certification Program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Prior to beginning the tax interview, confirm that the client received a copy of H&R Block's Privacy Policy as required under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. If the client didn't receive the Privacy Policy, provide a copy to the client.

2. Conduct tax interviews and research tax questions for the purpose of preparing complete and accurate returns. Review completed tax forms for accuracy and compliance with the District General Manager's instructions. Refer more complex returns so a more experienced Tax Professional in accordance with the District General Manager's instructions.

3. Provide tax information to clients as it relates to tax preparation and refer any unresolved client concerns in accordance with the District General Manager's instructions.

4. Finalize tax returns so client can either request electronic filing or make arrangements to pick up completed return at the tax office.

5. Communicate the fee for products and services in accordance with established company schedule of charges. Collect necessary fees and submit fees and related documentation in accordance with the District Manager's instructions.

6. Assist in transitioning acquired clients to H&R Block brand

7. Provide any additional research or follow-up necessary to change or update returns and contact client of the required changes.

8. Promote and provide additional or alternative tax and financial products, which the company may make available.

9. Take initiative to seek new clients by asking current clients for referrals and actively develop and execute client acquisition plans.

10. Remain current with company policies and procedures related to tax preparation and offering other financial products. Read other business publications, as recommended by the District Manager's instructions.

11. Prepare any additional administrative forms as required by H&R Block

12. Attend training required for the position.

13. Assist in maintaining proper office appearance and cleanliness. Ensure that workstation is neat and clean at all times.

14. May perform duties of other office support positions. As necessary, assist in opening the office and participate in the end of the day processes related to accounting, office appearance, and office closing.

15. Other duties, as assigned

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications:

These skills are typically acquired through the completion of a high school diploma or equivalent. Additional course work in math is preferred.


These skills are typically acquired through the successful completion of the H&R Block Income Tax Course or equivalent and have passed the examination with a grade of 80% or better. Associate must participate in the 18-hour continuing education requirement in order to be considered for rehire.

Must have good verbal and written communication skills and effectively communicate in person.

Previous experience in a customer service environment is helpful.


Ability to communicate tax and financial advice clearly and effectively with the public in a variety of situations including but not limited to public speaking engagements.

Technical Skills
Knowledge of a Windows-based computer system is helpful.

Special Requirements Specific to Job
Additional state and local requirements may apply.

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Acquisition Tax Pro 2 Yr1
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