H2M Group Ewa Beach, HI 2019-06-29
Job Description:
H2M Group is seeking Cartographers to join our team!
The Office of Geography (SFG) has an immediate need for
contractor support to perform cartographic analysis
services within various DoD facilities. These positions
will provide direct support to DoD’s combatant commands
and Air Force in filling gaps in foundation GEOINT
requirements and enhancing DoD’s continued delivery of
mission-critical, timely, accurate, and tailored GEOINT
intelligence. These services will directly support our
client's customers with varying mission timelines and
requirements for current and crisis support.
The Contractor shall provide cartographic and feature
extraction services as described below. The contractor
shall be responsible for providing all support services
and products required to complete the detailed
description of work and responsibilities as described
herein. The contractor shall perform the scope of work
within the period of performance authorized at contract
award. The contractor will ensure all products and data
produce follow NSFG Foundation GEOINT standards.
The Contractor shall participate in 16 hours of
technical exchange per month with the Geospatial
Planning Cell (GPC) military personnel located at their
site. The technical exchange will focus on feature
extraction and map product training

The contractor shall:
  • Extract specific feature data in accordance with the
Feature Data Specifications, PC Project Specific
Guidance, and other Data or Product Specifications
to include the NSFG Feature Data Dictionary (NFDD)
and Topographic Data Store (TDS) schema, Project
Specific Guidance, other Data and U.S. Military
Feature Data Specifications Ground-Warfighter
Geospatial Data Model (GGDM) and Products
  • Possess expert knowledge/skills in the use of ArcGIS
and extensions
  • Possess the knowledge and experience working with
Foundation GEOINT products
  • Possess the knowledge of Multinational Geospatial
Co-production Program (MGCP) feature extraction
  • Have demonstrated experience working with Geospatial
Data Requirements, Sources, Standards, and Products
  • Have demonstrated experience applying knowledge of
quality control and assurance practices

  • 3 to 10 years of cartographic finishing and feature
extraction related experience.
  • Understanding of several products such as Controlled
Image Base (CIB1), Topographic Line Maps (TLMs),
Multi-national Geospatial Co-production Program
(MGCP) products, MGCP Derived Graphics (MDG),
Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED), Shuttle Radar
Topography Mission (SRTM), National Technical Means
(NTM) in boundary recovery processes, including data
retrieval and storage.
  • Understanding of the quality control process.
  • Understanding of geospatial database content
  • Understanding of feature data extraction and
attribution processes.
  • DemonstrateS experience applying cartographic
finishing techniques.
  • Familiar with data conversion tools, such as FME,
ESRI extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools, or
similar software extensions.
  • DemonstrateS experience with Map finishing
Automation tools such as Cartographic Web Services
(CWS), Digital Cartographic Studio (DCS), and
Enterprise Product on Demand Services (ePODS).
  • Knowledge of data quality control tools, such as
Geospatial Analysis Inspection Tool (GAIT), ArcGIS
Data ReViewer, or comparable geospatial data
inspection software.
  • Experience preparing, maintaining and presenting
intelligence displays, reports, and briefings with
the creation and use of visual aids (graphs, charts,
etc.) and drafting, editing, and proofreading
documents for publishing.
  • MUST be able to work rapidly in a high tempo, high
stress environment that often requires
  • Demonstrates excellent oral and written
communication skills.
  • Knowledgeable with commonly used cartographic
analysis and feature extraction software suites such
as ESRI ArcGIS, Socet-Set, RemoteView, or comparable
ELT software.
  • Ability to perform geo-locational mensuration
functions, extract coordinates and positional
relationships from digital database systems.
  • Experience maintaining and using geospatial
  • Ability to compile, segregate, evaluate, research,
interpret, analyze, and disseminate intelligence
information to support operations.
  • Very knowledgeable on intelligence organizations and
systems; collection and reporting systems,
intelligence information sources; techniques of
identifying, collating, evaluating, and analyzing
  • Knowledge of geographical and cultural aspects of
foreign countries.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal
  • Experience with combining digital cartography,
computer technology, GIS, cartographic and
geospatial production techniques, remote sensing,
photogrammetry, and digital data formats.
  • Understanding of the geospatial data multi-user
enterprise environment.
  • Proficient in MS Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access
and Excel.

Desired skills:
  • Attended a basic Intelligence Course
  • Experience using data mining tools and open source
research methods
  • Experience managing or maintaining relational
database management systems, such as Oracle Spatial
or ArcSDE
  • Understanding of military capabilities weapon
  • Experience with application engineering, system
administration, or software configuration of
industry standard geospatial analysis and production
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