Cashier Receptionist (Bilingual - Spanish)

Kaiser Permanente Oakland, CA 2018-11-17
    The cashier/receptionist is a member of the health care department team who functions under the direction guidance and supervision of the department manager, assistant manager, or designee. The cashier/receptionist greets and checks in all patients reporting to the medical office in a professional and courteous manner. This position is responsible for accurate check-in, check-out where applicable, information capture and revenue collection per procedures. Responsible for having a general knowledge of the medical center in order to assist patients with questions and concerns. Requires extensive use of the computer.

    Essential Responsibilities:
  • Reception, Check-In, Check-out (where applicable):
  • Greet and assist patients that present; follow appropriate patient registration/check-in policies and procedures; verify and/or update all demographic information, for example Personal Physician Selection, Language Preference.
  • Working knowledge of Health Plan coverage types, for example (but not limited to) traditional, deductible, etc.
  • Check in patients by following check-in policies and procedures and using the check-in systems or manual visit records when the systems are down; determine patient's membership/benefits according to the benefit display; create accounts as necessary, for example (but not limited to) workers' compensation, confidential, etc.; capture and populate workers' compensation data on the correct screens and select the correct coverage as necessary.
  • Manage electronic in-basket; use notes function where applicable to document prepayments; obtain a patient medical record number when necessary; order Health Plan cards as needed.
  • Collect co-pays and fees; inform patients of available payment options.
  • Generate appropriate encounter forms per procedure electronically or manually if the system is down.
  • Direct patients to appropriate area after the check-in process is completed.
  • Check out patients by following checkout policies and procedures and using the checkout systems or manual visit records when the systems are down, if applicable.
  • Follow appropriate procedures when registering exception-type patients such as non-members, out-of-area health plan members, Medicare, Media-Cal, and industrial patients.
  • Initiate and complete required forms for all appointments per policy. Access necessary information from the fee schedule to determine appropriate fees based on CPT-4 and/or service codes in order to collect appropriate revenue.
  • Assist patients by: explaining co-pays/applicable fees; providing facility directions; referring to other departments and administrative services for further information, e.g., Member Services, Medical Secretaries, and Business Office; initiating and completing appropriate forms as needed, for example Release Of Information, Patient Financial Responsibility; tracking referrals to specialty care by utilizing the consultation/referral system as needed in those areas where this responsibility currently exists for the individual in this classification - where this responsibility is not part of an existing position, it cannot be added without written agreement as part of the LMP.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and application to Patient Administration Appointment Registration (PARRS).
  • Maintain the patient will-call area box if applicable.
  • Communicate with clinical and business office staff as needed.
  • Cash Handling, Reconciliation and Deposit:
  • Handle cash according to the Cash Handling Responsibility Agreement.
  • Comply with all applicable cash handling policies and procedures (see reference list)
  • The registration designee is responsible for the safekeeping of change funds, all revenue collected during the shift, all assigned revenue documents, and all keys assigned for cash control.
  • Obtain, secure, and ensure sufficient denominations to provide change.
  • Reconcile shift and deposit funds according to the Cash Handling Responsibility Agreement.
  • Use correct procedures to document and report discrepancies.
  • Other:
  • Working towards positive operational outcomes.
  • Perform other duties as required.
  • Supervisory Responsibilities - this job has no supervisory responsibilities.
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