Production Supervisor

Michaels Coppell, TX 2019-07-09
Job Description:Basic Function:
Under the direction of a Production Manager (PM), the
Supervisor is responsible for achieving safety, quality
and production objectives of associates in the
department assigned. This position plays a critical role
in overseeing, directing, training, coaching and
communicating shop standards, procedures, techniques and
goals. The supervisor is also a key driver of
resourcing, trouble shooting and participating in
continuous process improvement/Lean manufacturing
project initiatives.

Primary Responsibilities:
% of Time
Major Activities
1. Oversees production environment in assigned
department to ensure daily production and quality goals

are safely met by:
  • Actively monitors shop environment to ensure that
safety standards, conditions, devices and materials are
in place and functional at all times.
  • Reviews daily production reports and goals with PM and
  • Monitors production KPI’s throughout shift – updates
reports and PM as required.
  • Actively monitors product throughout the shift to
ensure that quality standards are being maintained with
minimal waste and rework.
  • Ensures that materials, supplies and tools needed to
meet production goals are available at all times to the
  • Ensures that all equipment is serviceable and that
required operator pre-start, machine cleaning and
maintenance tasks are conducted daily.
  • Ensures that shop workspace and equipment is clean,
recovered and that 5S standards are maintained
throughout the shift.
2. Provides leadership and performance management

supervision for assigned associates including:
  • Actively monitors operator compliance with all safety
procedures and protocols including proper techniques,
PPE compliance and immediate corrective intervention if
standards are not met.
  • Actively engages assigned associates through direct
interaction and communication in the production
environment to support operator needs, bolster
performance and maintain open lines of communication.
  • Ensures that operators receive required training/cross
training for assigned tasks and provides remedial
support as needed to improve operator understanding of
safety requirements, production techniques, productivity
goals and development.
  • Actively monitors and coaches operator performance
during production shifts utilizing a balanced approach
of praise and constructive corrective interaction.
  • Supports PMs to improve assigned staff performance
and/or procedural compliance through feedback for the
administration and follow-up of formal performance
management tools by the PM as warranted.
  • Provides input and assists the management team in
identifying and developing assigned associates who
demonstrate the desire and aptitude to advance into new
positions and formal leadership roles.
  • Supports the PM through feedback on the completion of
mid-year and annual appraisal assessments of assigned
3. Provides administrative supervision for assigned

staff including:
  • Coordination with General Manager and PM on staffing
and scheduling requirements.
  • Reviews daily schedule and monitor staffing in
relation to daily production goals to determine if
sufficient staffing levels are in place; temporary staff
additions or reductions and full time associate workload
balancing is required.
  • Conducts daily pre-production team meetings to
communicate production goals, safety reminders, and
objectives to the team.
  • Balances workload in the department based on daily
fluctuations in productivity or operator breaks during
production shifts.
  • Coordinates with PM vacation and LOA requests for
assigned staff including PM/GM approvals as required.
4. Provides input and feedback to management team in
support of Continuous Process Improvement and Lean

Manufacturing projects:
  • Provides daily feedback to PM/GM team on operator
resource needs, machine performance and any other issues
effecting safety, quality and productivity goals.
  • Based on expertise and observations, (individual and
team), makes recommendations for improvements to
procedures, techniques and/or other production
  • Participates in Lean manufacturing projects as both a
team member, (when designated), and through change
management leadership when projects are developed and
rolled out to the shop floor.

Skills Required:
Applicable Knowledge/Skills/Abilities

a. Minimum level of formal education:
High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent; college

b. Area of study:
Supervisory/production concepts (ex. lean, kaizen, 5S,
value stream mapping, etc.) preferred.

c. Special certification or technical skills:
Lean/Six Sigma preferred.

d. Minimum years’ experience required:
1 year experience in a supervisory/leadership role.

e. Type of experience the job requires:
Manufacturing Experience.
Supervisory Experience.

f. Other:
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak English
fluently and be able to convey and receive information
  • Must have a high level of general, verbal, and
numerical intelligence.
  • Must be detailed oriented.
  • High energy.
  • Strong verbal communication and coaching skills.
  • Strong, constructive interpersonal skills.
  • Proven troubleshooting skills.
  • Basic computer skills.
Applicable Abilities

a. Physical:
  • Must be able to walk and/or stand up to10 hours per
  • Must be able to frequently bend from waist.
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 30lbs or 13.6 kgs
above shoulders and reach above head.
  • Must be able to continuously grasp and carry with both

b. Environmental:
  • Must be able to work with high noise levels and work
around moving machinery.
  • Must be able to work in a non-climate controlled
environment which is subject to dust and high/low
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