Truck Transportation Manager, Feed and Grain, relocate to Id...

Recruiting Company Agness, OR 2018-10-24

This job is NOT in Oregon. This job requires you to relocate to a medium-sized city in Idaho.

This job is not in Oregon. You must relocate to Idaho. Full paid relocation.

This job requires at least an Associates degree. A BS is preferred.

This job requires at least 5 years of experience as a Manager of Transportation/Fleet Manager.

You will be managing all aspects of of a company-owned fleet of hopper-bottom and van trucks.

This job pays between $80,000 and $120,000. Your resume must be able to support your salary requirement.

Be sure your resume clearly shows what types of trucks you managed, how many trucks, how many drivers, etc.

Not looking for only truck brokerage experience, or dispatch experience. We are looking for a person who managed those functions, as well as the others described below.

From the job description:

Will direct all transportation operations, maintenance, safety, and dispatch operations for the Idaho Division.

Will supervise all full and part-time employees in division.

Ensure deliveries meet customer needs.

Will conduct safety training classes, report truck efficiencies , schedule repairs and handle upgrades for truck fleet.

Observe DOT & OSHA state/federal regulations.

Train employees on road equipment.

Must have Mgt. experience in Transportation fleet Management and understand equipment specs & order dispatching.

Must maintain DOT drivers license, ability to write reports, correspond, & procedure manuals.

Prefer agriculture background.

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Job Type: Full-time

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