Student Marketeer - Student Brand Manager - Southern Utah Un...

Red Bull Enoch, UT 2019-06-27
The Student Marketeer - Student Brand Manager (SBM) is part of the most dynamic and empowered student ambassador program in the world. The SBM is passionate about Red Bull and shares love for the brand with their peers. The Student Marketeer - SBM is responsible for driving the brand image on campus, building connection to the product, and ensuring long term loyalty starting with the college experience. The goals of the Student Marketeer - Student Brand Manager program is to reach new students, excite students, increase sales and manage the Red Bull brand on a collegiate level.


Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we'll trust you with:



Your areas of knowledge and expertise

That matter most for this role:
  • Proven track record of accomplishments prior to joining Red Bull
  • Charismatic and outgoing personality
  • Connected with a variety of key influential groups on campus
  • Campus expert on behind the scenes activities (clubs, parties, etc.) and hot spots on and around campus
  • Social chameleon - have the ability to work with a variety of groups and organizations
  • Passionate about the Red Bull brand
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Must be a student in good standing with the school
  • Creative mind, with prior successes in driving the creative process
  • Functional knowledge of social networking
  • Effective communication skills
  • Responsible
  • Self-motivated
  • Lives and represents the Red Bull brand
  • High School Degree or Equivalent University enrollment required
  • Fluent in English, additional language skills an advantage
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