Aquatics instructor

SIX FLAGS Sandberg, CA 2019-01-09

Aquatics Instructor (Multiple Interviews Required)

Qualifications: Must be at least 19 years of age, have a valid CA Driver's Lice, have a High School Diploma or Equivalent, and must successfully complete lifeguard training.

Job Description: Duties include training lifeguard applicants in recognition, rescue skills, CPR and First Aid. Applicants must attend Ellis and Associates Regional Instructor School and have an open availability during summer. All applicants must possess 1+ year in aquatics or emergency response, have the ability to facilitate training in large groups, and excellent communication and verbal skills. Applicants must be professional, energetic, able to motivate others, have a positive attitude and strong teamwork skills.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to swim over 200 yards and be able to tread water with no hands for over 2 minutes.
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Occasional use of Seal Easy (CPR Mask), whistle, backboard, Oxygen tank, AED, rubber gloves and rescue tube
  • Applicants must be able to lift themselves out of a 3-foot pool without the use of a ladder or steps.
  • Applicants need 20/25 or 20/25 corrected vision to be hired.
  • Constantly standing, talking, speaking clearly, hearing acuity, seeing near and far, depth perception, and color vision.
  • Frequently climbing, stooping, kneeling, bending, reaching, finger movement and hearing conversation.
  • Occasionally balancing, crouching, and crawling.
  • Working in extreme heat, sun, temperature change, wetness, heights, chemicals.
  • Lifting and carrying should not exceed 25 pounds pushing and pulling should not exceed 25 pounds.
  • All lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling of weight requires assistance from a co-worker or mechanical device.
  • Overtime of adults may be required from time to time in order to accommodate the business need.

Hurricane Harbor, CA
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