Entry/Junior Software Engineer - REMOTE / TELEWORK

SAIC Indianapolis, IN 2019-06-13


Entry/Junior Software Engineer - REMOTE / TELEWORK


Program Requirement

SAIC is looking for an Entry to Junior level Software Engineer / Developer that has experience in developing, documenting, testing and debugging application secure software interface solutions.

The successful candidate must be comfortable with working as part of a geographically diverse development team and with project leadership.

It is expected that the candidate has sufficient applicable experience with software requirements definition and tracking, coding in different development environments, proficient in the software development lifecycle and/or waterfall development lifecycle, and with the required tools and programming languages used on this project.

Additionally, the successful candidate work with the project manager individually and with the team. The candidate will need to understand the criticality of project schedules and milestones, and will provide input to the project work progress, communicating issues, and working collectively with the team to come up with strategies to meet the project milestones in on a unique, high-intensity project.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain existing application code base

  2. Define, develop, and test new features to application based on customer requirements

  3. Provide input related to testing modifications to application for quality assurance

  4. Interact with project managers, customers and users on technical matters

  5. Have flexibility with an aggressive schedule


Mandatory Skills and Abilities

  1. Familiar or experience with Groovy & Grails application framework (preferred)

  2. Familiar or experience with Gradle (preferred)

  3. Familiar or experience with Oracle DB (preferred)

  4. Familiar or experience in Java development in a Web based or client server environment.

  5. Familiar or experience with Gitlab and/or Bugzilla

  6. Familiar or experience with HTML and Javascript

  7. Familiar or experience with relational data base concepts

  8. Excellent communication skills to grasp and explain complex technical matters

  9. Familiar or experience with Web Services

  10. Knowledge and experience with auxiliary technologies (XML, JSON, AJAX, ANT, etc.)

  11. Familiar or experience in JSP and tag libraries

  12. Familiar or experience with SQL query language

  13. Ability to interact with customer, including but not limited to answering  project/code/technical questions



  1. Ability to work remotely and cooperatively with pIE development leads

  2. Maintain confidentiality with regard to the information being processed, stored or accessed


    Clearance Requirements:

    • Must have a current/active Secret Security clearance


    Experience and Education:

    1. B.S. in computer science or software engineering or 4 years of additional experience in lieu of degree

    2. Specific formal training in Java and/or web programming

    3. 1-2 years of experience in Java development in a Web based or client server environment