Patient Experience Representative

University Health Care System Evans, GA 2019-07-10


The Patient Experience Representative is responsible for coordinating hospital services in response to patient/customer needs. Provides crisis intervention and problem resolution and makes appropriate referrals within the institution. Actively participates in providing positive consumer relations and helps identify and report trends in feedback from patients and families. Accountability is monitored through performance evaluation and comments from customers which include patients, guests, employees, and physicians.
Demonstrates population-specific competencies (e.g. age-specific, cultural sensitivity, patient-centered communication) in performance of role.


High School diploma or GED required. Bachelors degree preferred.

Friends and family CPR certification is required.

Four (4) years’ experience demonstrating high level of customer service skills to include one (1) year experience in a service-oriented field. Exposure to hospital and community resources is desirable.

Knowledge, skills, abilities:
Must be able to apply professional education to relate to patients of all ages in urgent and routine situations.

Strong attention to detail with the ability to multi-task and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Must have high level of analytical ability in order to set priorities to help coordinate patient care.

Ability to perform efficiently and effectively under stress.

Sufficient physical and psychological health to allow 95% attendance.

Job requires both initiative and dependability.

Ability to work well and collaborate well with people across multiple disciplines throughout the organization.

Philosophy of health care and patient care is compatible with that of the mission of the institution.

Work ethic compatible with that of the department and University Hospital Management.

Must have excellent interpersonal skills in order to provide emotional support during life-threatening experiences.

Supportive of an environment that fosters open, honest communication.
Displays a desire to improve the patient experience.

Physical Demands:
Standing for long periods of time (8 to 12 hours).

Walking for long periods of time (8 to 12 hours) to include moving about the work area, hospital and/or campus as needed.

Sitting for extended periods (8 to 12 hours).

Must be able to bend, stoop and reach/lift above your head.

Sight: must be able to read documentation in a variety of formats such as items in print or electronically. For Health Care Providers (HCP) must be able to visualize patient condition and see data displayed on monitoring devices, etc.

Auditory: must be able to hear in order to clearly communicate with others and use communication devices such as telephones must be able to hear patients, alarms, call bells, etc.

Tactile: must have ability to handle equipment and/or devices related to job duties, enter documentation within computer system. For HCP must be able to feel for pulses, skin temperature, and other patient conditions.

Olfactory: HCP need to be able to smell disease-specific smells.

Proper body mechanics will be used when moving or lifting any equipment or supplies.
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