Pizza Clerk

WinCo Foods Elk Grove, CA 2019-07-11


Job Summary
Prepares ready-to-bake / baked pizzas, provides customer service and conducts product demonstrations. Consistently provides world class customer service to internal and external customers. Performs other related work.
Typical Duties and Responsibilities
  • Seeks opportunities to welcome, engage, serve and thank customers. Maintains an atmosphere of friendly, enthusiastic customer service with an emphasis of taking care of the customer.
  • Makes dough by weighing out ingredients and mixing
  • Preps toppings by opening cases, putting ingredients in containers, putting toppings in cooler, operating slicer and cutter for vegetables, weighing certain ingredients, etc.
  • Makes pizza crust by weighing out dough, operating a dough machine and rolling.
  • Takes orders over-the-counter, from the demo station and by phone.
  • Makes pizzas by getting dough, spreading sauce, measuring toppings, and sprinkling toppings.
  • Shrink wraps pizza by operating associated machine.
  • Places pizzas on and removes pizzas from oven conveyer belts.
  • Hands product to customers over-the-counter.
  • Performs cashier duties by operating a cash register, receiving and making change and providing the customer with a sales ticket.
  • Sells products directly to customers through the use of product samples and suggestive selling techniques.
  • Cleans the area by washing dishes, sweeping, mopping and operating vacuum cleaner.
  • Trains employees, provides leadership in the technical aspects of the department, etc.; orders supplies by checking and conducting inventory, estimating projected usage, etc.; writes production sheets for the department head based on projected sales; receives freight by verifying ordered products have been received, organizing it in the cooler, etc. (usually performed by manager or “lead person”).
  • Performs other duties as assigned or needed.


  • Performing basic math (add, subtract, divide and multiply) and computing weights and measures.
  • Ensuring accuracy in recording sales and handling monetary transactions with mental alertness and basic math skills.

Ability to

  • Consistently provide world class customer service to internal and external customers.
  • Work varied hours typically between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm in a 24/7 operation; including nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Operate a cash register, dough machines, ovens, slicer and dicer.
  • Wear hats, hair net, gloves, aprons and other personal protective equipment as required.
  • Conduct visual inspections and read / follow production guides, recipes and product labels.
  • Use cleaning chemicals and handle related food products.
  • Strongly communicate (hearing and speech) to receive orders from customers, up sell and perform customer relation skills.
  • Frequently lift / carry up to Twenty (20) pounds and occasionally lift / carry up to Forty (40) pounds.
  • Operate kitchen utensils and equipment with manual dexterity and hand / eye coordination.
  • Perform repetitious arm movements for balling, rolling and preparing various pizza products.
  • Stand, walk and move rapidly for extended periods of time.
  • Bend, stoop and reach over the counter(s) frequently.
  • Occasionally reach / lift / carry pizza products to & from conveyer ovens.
  • Perform duties with mental alertness involving potential hazards with respect to related procedures, equipment (e.g. dough machines, ovens, slicer, knives) and work aides.
  • Profile content and perishability of products. Learn safety and sanitation procedures and department policies.
  • Perform duties efficiently and accurately.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Food Handlers Certification (per State Laws)

Machines and Equipment Operated:

  • Cash Register
  • Slicer, Dicer, Dough Machines, Shrink Wrapper, Ovens and Pallet Jack.
  • Pizza clerks under the age of 18 are not to operate certain equipment as described by OSHA guidelines including the pizza department mixer and dough machines.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of work performed by the employees assigned to this job. All employees must comply with Company policies and applicable laws. The responsibilities, duties and qualifications required of personnel may vary.

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