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Lowe's Cashier Overview

Browse available Lowe's Cashier Jobs. Lowe's Companies, Inc. is a home improvement chain operating more than 1800 appliance stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Lowe's is the right place for you to come in that it is not only a company improving your home, but also a workplace creating inspire. Actively involved in communities, Lowe's has contributed a lot to help people and their home. Employees at Lowe's are facilitated and encouraged to serve the community. Being a continuously growing workplace, Lowe's provides lots of job opportunities and expecting people who dare to dream to join in. Do you want to be part of the success? Come to Lowe's family and start your amazing journey!

Lowe's Cashier Job Description and Responsibilities

You may apply for the job online. But before the application, you are encouraged to learn something about the job to make sure that the duties included are what you would like and are able to take. The job requires morning, afternoon, and evening availability any day of the week. The main responsibilities include:

  • Performing monetary transactions.
  • Responding to customer inquiries, providing support throughout their shopping.
  • Performing other customer service duties which include making returns, handling refunds, and filling orders for specialty products.
  • Performing other jobs, such as stocking, sales, and cleaning duties.
  • Some specific duties depending on the store location and available sta

Lowe's Cashier Qualifications and Skills

  • Lowe's is an equal employer who recruits without the regard to candidates' race, nationality, sexsual oritention and gender, etc. You capability and skills are essential factors to decide whether or not your can take the job. Qualifications for being a cashier at Lowe's are listed below.
  • You must have 6 months or more experience of using a computer, including inputting, accessing, modifying, or outputting information.
  • You must have 6 months or more experience of using a handheld device like mobile phone, LRT gun, palm pilot, tablet, iPod, etc. to enter, access, and output information.
  • This position calls for a lot your physical ability. Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing, sitting, physical ability to move large, bulky and/or heavy merchandise and other activities necessary to perform job duties.
  • Preferred qualifications are: Associate's Degree related to department and 6 months or more experience of being a cashier or other retail experienc

Lowe's Cashier Salary and Benefits

The company has been seeking a diverse group of candidates and it will offer the employees wellness programs and exceptional benefits, which may help to enhance their lives as well as learning. Development programs can help them to learn, grow and advance. Both full-time and part-time employees can enjoy the attractive benefits. Except for the training programs and self-development plans, there is a whole package of benefits. 401k plan is available. Associates can enjoy paid holidays. Great discounts and other promotions can help you save money as well. Cashier at Lowe's earn salary of around $7 to $10 per hou

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