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What is an Administrative Assistant?

Browse available Administrative Assistant Jobs. An administrative assistant works in proving single-point administration and management functions to streamline logistics in an institution. Any business has multiple points of both internal and external management logistics which require organization and relaying of information including further streamlining of procedures. An administrative assistant groups, manages, directs and re-directs these details for smooth output and simplified production of the product or service. This job is a core part of administration and comes with multiple responsibilities both on a hierarchical and logistical level.

Administrative Assistant Jobs Overview

This specific job sector is a part and parcel of any organization where there is a chain structure of functions. An administrative assistant relays orders from higher authorities to lower ones or even from one department to another. Job description is institution or organization-specific. Administrative assistants for schools have a different job profile as compared to one in a law firm or even one in a health-care related institution. One of the most important aspects to an administrative assistant job is that it requires a comprehensive knowledge on the industry sector. Administration and in-house management is something that is common to each work sector. Thus, this job is not industry-specific. But it requires industry-specific knowledge.

Minimum Age to Be an Administrative Assistant: 

The minimum age to be eligible for this job is 18. But, as mentioned before, particular sectorial know-how and prior expertise is of huge importance. Experience being a major criterion, large institutions and firms go for administrative assistants with previous job experience both in that industry sector and that particular field.

Administrative Assistant Educational Requirements: 

A high school diploma is considered as the minimum educational requirement for this specific job category with a Bachelors’ degree considered as an addendum. Other additional vocational courses dealing with proficiency in computer applications give more momentum to any resume applying for this position. Along with these, industry specific know-how and experience is another important variable to an individual’s resume which is considered for similar positions or openings.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

This job position being common to almost all institutional sectors has a common growth chart with forecasts ranging around 12% over the years. It is for a fact that almost every multi-point functioning organization or firm has an individual employed in this position in a general manner without the proper designation. This is one of the primary reasons there are no official accurate statistics to administrative assistants positions. However, recent years of highly positive industrial growth have made this job a professional hierarchy. Specialization in this profile is something that is being given more and more impetus. A preference is being given to individuals who have been associated with specific industry sectors in the past in whatever way or capacity.

Administrative Assistant Job Duties and Responsibilities

From a general point of view, a broad list of duties and responsibilities would include:

  • Correspondence is a front-line basic task for any individual in this field. Ranging from attending phone calls and mails to relaying requisite information through the ranks is something that an administrative assistant is expected to manage and execute.
  • Administration-related tasks include scheduling appointments and meetings which are of further importance. An administrative assistant is responsible for these time-management functions which are integral to an organization or business.
  • Inter-department logistical management is another compulsory job specification for an administrative assistant. Major organizations may have these positions specific to each department to systemize and regulate management and output.

Administrative Assistant Job Requirements

There are a few other additional industry or sector-specific tasks which an administrative assistant is expected to fulfill other than the ones mentioned above. Among the more important ones are:

  • Legal assistants are required to prepare client or case-related research based on patterns other than correspondence and management functions.
  • Medical assistants are expected to have a running knowledge on the field and particular billing techniques.

Other explicit pre-requisites to this position may include among the mentionable ones:

  • Proficiency in typing with 40wpm+ speed.
  • Familiarity with MS Word, Office, Excel and PowerPoint software applications.
  • Customary conversational and organizational skills.
  • Strong written and proofing skills.

How to Become an Administrative Assistant

A high school diploma is a start while a Bachelors’ degree can add up as a bonus. Having above average efficiency with basic and certain other computer software applications is a must for any administrative assistant. In case of specific industries, it is important to have a prior experience in it. Precise organizational and management aptitude is important to carry-out the tasks related to this job.

Administrative Assistant Salary

Average median salary for this job or position is around $40,000 per annum. Experience, know-how and skills can take the salary to around $55,000 with newbies earning above a minimum $30,000. Legal assistants are among the best paid in this field with experienced administrative assistants of other larger service and production-related firms getting the best packages.

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