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What is a Cashier?

As the name suggest, this is the person who deals with cash. As it is known to all; the most important part of any service is transaction. The cashier is on the responsibility to stay right behind the counter and take care of the payment. As they check and calculate the correct amount, also returning the change is very imperative.
Every store, mart, mall, retail shop, restaurants, etc. basically anything where there is a condition to sell merchandise; cashier has to be present. The entire process of transaction is dealt with them making the significance of this position very high.

Cashier Jobs Overview

Cashiers are usually front desk job holders, so they need to be very apt about their work. Why? The reason is simple; they represent the financial face of a company. This is why; cashiers need to be very particular about their work, behavior and management skill. The concept of calculation has to be very sound to be a good cashier. They cannot take hours to decide on adding amounts and deducting discounts. Though there are calculators, still it is best if you are confident about your basic math. Along with it, cashiers need to have organized working skills, as they might need to bag or pack the purchase goods of customers. They are also on the duty of recording the details of product sold and customer’s account. This makes them somewhat a customer service provider too.

Minimum Age to Be a Cashier:

The minimum age to apply and pursue a career as cashier is 16 years.

Cashier Education Requirements: 

If you want to be a cashier then the at least a high school degree with accounts, math or business study as a subject will fetch more preference. Also, vocational training and course degree in the business or marketing field will add a cookie point to your resume for this position.

Cashier Job Description

If you have planned to be a cashier, you should have a bit more detailed idea regarding this job and its doings. As a cashier, one has to maintain a selling record, take money for the purchase and return change with a receipt. As this will be a shift basis job of maximum 10-12 hours every day (there can be an exception like during sale) they have to check the number of transaction that took place. Also, you have to record them in system and at the end tally the record with the cash present.
This job requires a good amount of concentration as one will be handling cash, rather the money a company is making. So it is very much required to be responsible while doing their job. Another thing that a cashier needs to do is to update product details. This will ensure that while working, no offer or discount placed on a product gets missed.

Cashier Job Duties and Responsibilities

Browse available Cashier Jobs. To be a cashier, it comes with a whole bag of duties and responsibilities. If you are willing to apply for this position, check what the things that the position will demand are:

  • Itemizing and totaling the amount
  • Completing a transaction and providing with a receipt
  • Redeeming coupons and maintaining a record of that
  • Tallying daily cash accounts
  • Providing guidance and price information to customers
  • Providing training and assistance to new job trainees who joins the same department
  • Maintain a daily, weekly and monthly report
  • Calculating the sale progress
  • If the payment is made by credit card and it is of huge amount, cashiers need to verify the details of the customer as well as credit card
  • Bag, box, wrap or gift wrap the sold goods as per requested by customer

Cashier Job Requirements

To pass the eligibility criteria of being a successful cashier, certain things should be present in the applicant:

  • A very quick and active nature so that they can handle a queue of customer
  • A good sales skill
  • Cashier should have a cheerful attitude and decent talking or communicating mannerism
  • Strong communication and time management skill
  • Should be inclined towards providing proper customer service

Along with these, a retail cashier needs to have a basic math skill. One thing that a cashier needs to keep in mind, a lot depends on their behavior as they will be the first and the last image a customer will see upon entering and while leaving.

How to Become a Cashier

  1. Being a cashier demands dedication and concentration at work. They need to assist customers and help them to purchase with ease. If you think that you have all these mentioned skills, this job is perfect then.
  2. Another thing one can do to prepare for this position applies for vocational training and a get a proper idea of working in this field.

Cashier Salary

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), average salary for a cashier is around $19,000 per annum. The good news is that there will be more jobs available for this position, as per research done by BLS.

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