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What is Customer Service?

Browse available Customer Service Jobs. This is one of the largest job sectors commonly related to nearly all product and service associated industries and businesses. Customer service is a core sector where an individual directly interacts with consumers to create demand or resolve product-related issues and negative feedback. Those of customer service representatives are among the most common designations or positions in this job sector which in turn is directly related to call-centers. Almost all major companies or industrial firms outsource their customer service requisites to third party call centers making this among the largest slices in this customer service industry.

Customer Service Jobs Overview

This industry or job designation is all about conversing with customers from different points. All of these points though have a single factor in common which is - a better product or service sale. The customer service can either be a post-product process or even a product sales one; in both cases with the same motive. A customer service representative is responsible for generating sales or revenue of a product for the company or firm. The process is simply by directly conversing, engaging, interacting and directing a consumer or customer depending on the process. Customer satisfaction is the most important target for customer service jobs and representatives as it is directly related to revenue and thereby profit generation.

Minimum Age to be a Customer Service Representative:

 You need to be at least 16 years old and 18 in a few states to be eligible to work as a customer service representative.

Customer Service Education Requirements:

 To become a customer service representative, the minimum educational requirements which you need to have is a high school diploma, GED or any equivalent educational degree. However, there are some customer service related jobs which are highly industry-specific thus demanding a prior know-how of that sector in the first place.

Customer Service Job Description

The call-center industry section falling within customer service accumulates annual revenue of an estimated $16 billion with more than 4000 companies vying for a larger share. There are more than 2.2 million customer service representatives functioning in this section alone as per survey and reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
This industry is expected to grow by more than 15% over the coming years creating job opportunities for above 300,000 candidates. With a larger emphasis on post-sales feedback and advertising, this is a proper job opportunity for a fresher like you to get an introduction into the professional corporate sphere and the experience coming with it.

Customer Service Duties and Responsibilities

If you’re thinking of becoming a customer service representative, here are some of the things which you will be expected to deliver:

  • Interact with customers to provide a complete guide to a product while explaining its benefits.
  • Create a demand for that product in case of direct sales within the customer or the consumer.
  • Relate and resolve product-related issues for customers.
  • Manage and optimize customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Job Requirements

A product is based on the necessities which a consumer has for it. For a customer service representative, catering to these necessities is the most important aspect. Here are a few skills which you will need to make sure that you are able to provide proper customer support and get positive feedback:

  •  Above average conversational skills so that a customer is able to understand you and the product.
  • Excellent concept of sales and the aptitude to apply it in conversation and situations. Convincing a customer is a key aspect to customer service or support.
  • Knowing the product itself for being able to put up its best features.
  • Management skills to streamline sales process with necessary changes and modifications if and when needed.

There are other specific sectors to this customer service industry which require sector-specific know-how. E.g. - Customer service and support related to technology and gadgets such as computers, mobile, smart phones etc. require a comprehensive know-how on these products in the first place.

Types of Customer Service Jobs

This industry provides for 5 separate generalized designations or jobs for you. These are:

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Customer Service Coordinator
  3. Customer Service Manager
  4. Computer Support Specialist
  5. Sales Associate

For a fresher like you, the first designation that you’ll get is that of a customer service representative. A coordinator works in managing no-floor issues with the help of a prior experience. A customer service manager is the most important, experienced and senior-most individual on the floor relating to customer support. Computer support specialists and sales associates are included in the process to resolve any technical issues with the PCs or the online sale process itself.

Customer Service Salary

The average median compensation in this sector is around $30,000 per year. A fresher like you can expect to start up with a minimum $21,000. Experience is the most important criteria to improved salaries with the top 10 percentile customer service specialists earning around and above $50,000; making this one of the most lucrative job sectors today.

Customer Service Jobs