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What is an Electrician?

Browse available Electrician Jobs. Putting it simply - The person who is specifically trained and adept in handling any issue related to electricity is an electrician. Going by the dictionary, he is the one who installs, maintains and repairs electrical systems in any establishment. Starting from homes to factories, they can build the entire set-up of power supply, controlling equipment for the electricity to run through. While performing their duty, electricians also make sure to follow the building codes under the law of the land. The job might sound quite simple, but practically, it is not. This is not a casual, but a responsible work directly related to the safety of people and property. One must have necessary skills and expertise in this area for being a proficient electrician.

Electrician Jobs Overview

It is an electrician who keeps people connected to the various conveniences of today’s lifestyle. The scope of their job profile is wide. Electricians are the ones who install wirings, electrical circuit, etc. Be it a problem with the air-conditioner, a power cut or anything, it’s an electrician who deals with each and every electrical issue. They have to work in different environments like private properties, commercial buildings, construction, contracting as well as large industrial plants. In the USA, these professionals have been categorized into two distinct groups:

  • Wiremen (working with lower voltage)
  • Linemen (working with higher voltage)

Note that; these apprentice programs are not easy to avail. You have to go through rounds of interviews and successfully pass entrance examination to get access. A candidate needs to put extra efforts on studying maths (especially algebra) and prepare accordingly. There are also electrician schools where you can get admitted before joining any apprentice organization. This will add volume to your resume with some good experience. Remember, misdealing with electrical system and components might, worse, lead to fatal situations. Hence you must have your knowledge in this domain clear.

Minimum Age to Be an Electrician:

 You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for an electrician job.

Electrician Education Requirements:

 You must have a diploma from high school or GED and attend apprentice programs to get trained before joining the profession as a full timer.

Electrician Job Description

Before joining any internship program, one should be well-aware of one’s job profile. To state briefly, electricians first go through the blueprint of technical structures to trace the locations of different outlets, panel boards, circuits, etc. Only after that they can successfully and safely work on the system.

Electrician Job Duties and Responsibilities

Here are the various duties and responsibilities that an electrician has:

  • Using testing techniques through various devices for identifying a problem.
  • Performing detailed inspection of circuit breakers, transformers and other electrical components.
  • Must work according to the legal regulations – both on local and state level.
  • Also offer training to workers if in a higher position or leading the team.
  • Should strictly keep in mind the safety issues and work accordingly.
  • Above all, installation and maintenance of electrical system are major duties.

Electrician Job Requirements

Apart from education and legal ones, an aspiring candidate must also possess these "must-have" requirements to enhance their efficiency at work.

  • Be physically fit. The job of an electrician demands physical fitness since you might have to work for hours and be in movement constantly. One should be strong enough to bear the strength and stress, especially if one is working in large industrial plant.
  • Team spirit and working with people. In some cases, while electricians might have to work alone, in other projects, they would be working with an entire team. Especially, in an internship program, you will be working with a crew which is huge. So, a candidate should have skills to work with a team.
  • Concentrate on work. Once again, you will be working with power connections and electrical circuits. So, having full concentration on work is a must. Most importantly, you should have strong problem-solving skills to get to the bottom of an issue.

All these are additional requirements, if you possess, can come out as a successful electrician with a bright future.

How to Become an Electrician

With sheer dedication! If you wish to have a career as an electrician, you must take the necessary educational as well as on-job training from a reputed institution. The certification programs will help you enhance your expertise. A training of 3 to 4 years is also essential. Later on, work experience will add to making you an efficient professional.

Electrician Salary

  • With experience of 1 to 5 years – average salary is $42,000 to $60,000/year
  • With experience of 6+ years – average salary is $63,000 to $70,000/year

As per reports from Bureau of Labor Statistics, $48K is what average electricians in the States make.

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