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What is a Front Desk?

Browse available Front Desk Jobs. A front desk at any corporate office, hotel or any other similar institution is an area where a visitor to that institution first arrives. Any personnel or staff there receives this visitor and helps out with any queries which he/she may have. Also, in the case of specific information that can only be derived from a higher authority, the staff at the front desk contacts the relevant person in the hierarchy and guides the visitor to that person accordingly. A front office staff is the first person that any outsider or a potential client meets, hence, his/her presentation and behavior may ultimately go on to decide the company’s revenue making process.

Front Desk Jobs Overview

With companies and corporate institutions focussing more on customer satisfaction and hospitality, almost every sector is giving prominence to front desk jobs and personnel training. Hospitals, business areas, sports industry, hotels and even restaurants, front end working staffs are required everywhere. Customer service and interaction come as an integral part of a front end job. A staff may have to greet and assist any visitor initially and put in contact with any other relevant person in the company. Maintaining a guest register along with asking for visitor details and making a note of the same in the company’s database may also be a part of a front end staff’s work profile.

Minimum Age to Be a Front Desk Staff:

 For a full-time front end job, the minimum age required is generally 16 years. However, most reputed companies look for a basic college degree which may push the age from 18 to 21 years, depending on their policies.

Front Desk Job Education Requirements: 

A high school diploma is sufficient, combined with decent communication skills. Bigger institutions may ask for a basic college degree as well.

Front Desk Job Description

Any visitor to any company will first approach a front desk staff with their query or seek an appointment. A staff will then have to address his/her questions or put him through to contact any other relevant person in the company. The primary role of such a staff is to greet this new-comer and interact with him/her courteously. Basic computer skills are also required as most companies now prefer maintaining their visitor register on their computer database. This has to be done by a front desk personal. Providing a visitor card after verifying the person’s legal ID proofs also comes under this job description. Receiving telephonic calls or accepting a parcel and mail addressed to any particular department in the company are all responsibilities of front desk staff.

Front Desk Job Duties and Responsibilities

Front desk staffs have the following duties to perform:

  • Greet any visitor or client and inquire about their purpose of visit. Checking out whether they have an appointment with someone.
  • In case of an appointment, the front desk staff places a call to the particular person to check on their availability. Accordingly, he/she guides the visiting client.
  • If the visitor has any query, the staff may have to provide relevant basic information about the company and services. If more detailed information is required, the staff may set up a meeting with any other person up the company’s hierarchy.
  • He/she may have to receive telephonic calls from clients and divert them to relevant departments. In case of unavailability, the staff will have to ask the person over the phone to wait or call back at an appropriate time later.
  • If any mail or parcel arrives addressed to someone in a particular department; the staff may have to receive the same on behalf of the company.
  • He/she may also have to maintain inter-departmental calls and check on availability accordingly.
  • Maintenance and constant updating of a computer based visitor database will also come under this job profile. The staff may have to record data like the visitor’s social security number by asking for it courteously.

Front Desk Job Requirements

The typical requirements for securing a front desk job are:

  • A basic high school degree, however, a college degree is also preferable.
  • Excellent communication skills with fluency in speaking to strangers.
  • A high level of hospitality.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Vocational training relevant to this field (although not mandatory).

How to Become a Front Desk Staff

A high school degree qualifies a person to secure this job. However, to stay ahead of the competition, one may opt for joining foreign language and hospitality management classes. Candidates with previous experience as part-timers in retail stores are also preferred at times. A basic vocational training on computer database management may also come in handy. An on-job training and grooming session will definitely be carried out by the recruiting company, so learning and retention skills of a candidate may also be tested.

Front Desk Job Salary

The annual salary of a front desk staff typically starts from around $18,440. The figure may increase based on the recruiting institutions and added responsibility. The maximum mark may reach almost up to $36,000.

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