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What is a Merchandiser?

Browse available Merchandiser Jobs. Have you ever considered what attracts customers or potential customers to walk into a store and shop? The displayed clothes on mannequins. Merchandisers are those who decide what will be put on display. It is their job to understand and analyze the section of crowd based on present market status and trend. This is the most crucial part of the process of bringing a customer to the store and letting them go with shopping bags in their hand. Being a merchandiser requires a very striking sense of fashion as well as marketing to keep the company running ace in competition. Merchandisers are the actual "image consultant" of the real world.

Merchandiser Jobs Overview

Merchandisers are hired to plan and develop a strategy that will enable a company to sell their range of products and increase sales. This is directly related to the profit target of a company. Hence, it is very technical and creative job at the same time.
Merchandisers are also responsible for contacting buyers and sells to understand the criteria of "need-supply". They also decide on which brand, style, type of clothes will go, where and when will the product will be displayed, how it will be the styling. In short, they are the one sufficing all the interrogative part of a selling process. They need to keep in mind about the season, collection, present and upcoming trend to deciding on the price. This position demands proper management to create a proper balance between expectation of customers to increasing and supporting company’s financial strategy.

Minimum Age to Be a Merchandiser:

 One can apply for this position from the age of 16 years plus. But if you want to make a successful career here, then a bit of experience will serve you better.

Merchandiser Education Requirements:

 The minimum degree that is required is a college degree. But one needs to do some courses in the discipline of fashion and marketing. This will enhance the value of their resume. Some courses that add on to your position criteria are commercial art for visual merchandisers, material designing for retail merchandisers and other vocational courses.

Merchandiser Job Description

Being the image consultant of the retail world, merchandisers promote specific brands, products, services to increase profit. Merchandisers are solely responsible for enticing customers and convincing them to purchase. Not only that but they also deliver educational materials for training purpose to new candidates who have joined for the same.
This position or a job of a merchandiser is not exactly a shift basis job rather they are the planner and executor of the image that will attract new buyers. Along with this, they are also responsible for regulating the marketing strategy of a company.

Merchandiser Job Duties and Responsibilities

Certain imperative duties and responsibilities need to be carried out by merchandisers to keep up with their position.

Marketing Duties and Responsibilities

  • They schedule appointments and meetings with supervisors to discuss new product
  • The promotional and pricing portion of merchandise is also in their hand
  • They should maintain a very healthy relation with customers by providing with a good customer service
  • To analyze the target audience and change company’s selling policy accordingly
  • Deciding on brand and how it will be displayed or launched
  • Also they at times have to plan commercials and other means of advertisement

Sales Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitoring sales volume.
  • Keeping a check on how much profit is made.
  • Negotiating with other brands.
  • Introducing offers and discounts to catch attention of more customer.
  • Turning potential customers to accountable buyers.

Management Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing training and information to new employees.
  • Inspiring to motivate the team.
  • Keeping the working environment positive.
  • Helping and guiding customer for a perfect buy.

Merchandiser Job Requirements

To be a successful merchandiser, one needs some key skills and abilities that will help them to get through this position:

  • They should know to distinguish and categorize as per brand, price and place.
  • A merchandiser should be skilled enough to take instructions over the phone and work it out accordingly.
  • They should have good marketing skill.
  • Communicating techniques should be known and understood well enough by them.
  • They should be able to work on different shifts and at different places as per demand and request.
  • A team spirit and cooperation should be a key factor in a merchandiser.

How to Become a Merchandiser

If you are serious about this position and wants to opt for this career, it is better to start preparing from beforehand. Polish your skills to pass the eligibility criteria. If you are still confused about facing a further problem, then take vocational training that will prepare you for this position.

Merchandiser Salary

This job sector is high on demand as per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. In recent times the average earning of a merchandiser with minimal experience is almost $64,000. As per data, this industry will still have a long way to go and grow.

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