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What is a Receptionist?

Browse available Receptionist Jobs. A person who is the front face of a company sitting at the administrative desks and communicating with visitors, clients, patients, and others is a receptionist. He/She also interacts with the personnel within the company and work accordingly. This is completely a desk job, which needs one to continue and be active throughout the working hours. This is a very interesting work that equally involves maintaining a positive personality along with a helpful attitude.

Receptionist Jobs Overview

Receptionists are the first point of contact in a company who are there to provide support both administratively as well as communicatively. They are also the source of firsthand information for visitors and employees. They handle the flow of people through business and keep every sector of the office well connected. This job requires one to have a very charming personality and social skills to perform one’s duty properly. Receptionists are a must in every company and hence they all need to have polished expertise to enhance the connectivity as well as communication at the workplace.

Minimum Age to Be a Receptionist: 

The minimum age criterion to apply for this job is 16 plus years.

Receptionist Education Requirements: 

The minimum educational qualification needs to be a high school degree. Also, educational requirements will vary as per the organization or institution where an individual will work as a receptionist. That’s because, if a person is working in a clinic, it is better to have a medical background as that will make their job of understanding technical medical terms easier. If one has some extra course degree in communication, it is all the better for them to get a receptionist job.

Receptionist Job Description

In this job as a receptionist, one needs to be very prompt and active about channeling a well-maintained communication throughout the office, as well as with clients and visitors. This is only possible when one has an engaging personality with proper skill of listening and answering to queries. They have to do some administrative work as well like maintaining client list, informing and reminding about meetings, booking and organizing places for official work, etc. To do all these appropriately, training is provided during job. They get to know in a much detailed manner about how to attend a phone call, how to end a conversation, maintaining spreadsheets, etc.

Receptionist Job Duties and Responsibilities

There are a set of duties and responsibilities that one needs to follow as a receptionist:

  • Serve visitors, clients and officials by greeting, welcoming and announcing them with proper details and information
  • Attend, screen and forward phone calls as per need or requirement
  • Reply to emails
  • Receive couriers, letters, deliveries, etc. as per instruction
  • Booking appointments, giving date and time to visitors
  • Update work schedule and other required information on the official website
  • Maintain security and privacy by keeping a check on register and IDs
  • Do other clerical and reception duties like photocopy, faxing, handouts, filing, etc.

Receptionist Job Requirements

There are certain skills and criteria, which are the key requirements for this position:

  • Vocational training and program: One needs to have a degree and basic knowledge in English as well as regional language. They can also opt for vocational training programs to enhance their expertise. Plus, a receptionist requires management skills that will help them to function in the appropriate manner without causing many hurdles in their process.
  • Communication skill: As mentioned above, English speaking and writing are very much needed. Along with that, they should have a warm personality and a helpful approach towards visitors. Also, they should have a grasp on providing updated information and explaining them in an appropriate manner.
  • Customer service skill: Remember, receptionists create the first impression of a company. They have to be very organized in their field and should know the art of proving proper help and guidance, both in person and over the phone or email.
  • Computer skill: Basic computer operating knowledge is a must so that they can keep the data of visitors, clients, etc. properly. Along with that, they need to maintain the record of employees, their position, working hours and other requirements.

How to Become a Receptionist

If one is having all the required skills, one can apply for this position. But to be a successful professional, one has to do the following:

  • Be active and dedicated towards their work
  • Keep themselves well informed about company policies
  • Make sure to know all the administrative employees and important clients
  • Sending greetings to maintain a healthy relation between the company and clients
  • Have management, administrative and communication skill

Receptionist Salary

The US has a high job opening for receptionists, as every financial organization of every field needs someone to manage the front office desk. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, Receptionists can earn around $25,000 and above per annum, depending on their qualification and experience.

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