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What is a Sales?

From multi-store shopping complex to the corner end store, fashion house, lifestyle stores, etc., they need someone who will be able to manage the sale of their products and promote the growth of their profit. All the profit-making organizations are looking for some charming personality who will be able to draw a lot of customers. It is the job of sales to serve them with proper hospitality and convincing reason to buy the store products.

Sales Jobs Overview

A market representative who is willing to sell the provider company’s service or a product with an approach of getting the customers believe in the utility of the good, is considered to be into a sales job. They record the number of sale per day and through their capabilities, they strive to increase it more. The person working in this field should take planned move to organize a discount facility at that point when people buy it more. They are also responsible for maintaining good customer service relationship and building the way to make new customers via channeling the existing one. Companies also have tie-ups with different organizations which are willing to promote their product and let a sales person be present there to help them gain a lot of profit. Sales have to work on a shift basis and there is no guarantee that there will be offs on weekends. This is because of the maximum rate of sale hype, during the weekends when people come for shopping.
Above all, it is a very interesting job, which requires skills to convince with proper communication techniques and develop a good relation with customers.

Minimum Age to Be a Sales: 

Minimum age to apply for this job is 16 years. But it varies from company to company. If it is a family store or a mart, then one can apply at the age of 16. But if one is working in a wine shop, the legal age is 21.

Sales Education Requirements: 

To be a Sales, one has to have a minimum high school degree or anything equivalent. It is best if one is having a special degree course on the same field. It will be then better and easier for Sales to show their skills and execute them properly.

Sales Job Description

The goal of sales is same everywhere all over the world. In the USA, it is very noticeable that people visit to stores way too often and look for a proper assistance. If a Sales person is capable enough to take care of needs and requirements of a customer, they know that they are absolutely on the right track of their career. As they enhance the profit earning of a company, it benefits them too by getting their incentives much increased.

Sales Job Duties and Responsibilities

There are a set of duties and responsibilities that one needs to perform so that they are fit for the position to be a Sales:

  • To provide services to existing account of customers and make new relation with potential buyers
  • Promoting the product and mentioning about the details of product
  • Managing payments
  • Submit and arrange order for delivery
  • Monitors about market competition and decides on some unique idea to attract customer
  • To maintain technical and target market knowledge for a product
  • Understanding the needs of customers and offering them services accordingly
  • Keep the record of sales and customers in computer database

Sales Job Requirements

There are three major skills required for a Sales job:

  • Communication: Browse available Sales Jobs. This will help one to analyze the need of a customer and how they can convince them to buy a product.
  • Marketing: A sales has to have a good grasp on the present market scenario so that they can be updated with the current trends and know about customer’s demand.
  • Computer Skills: It is important to have basic computer knowledge so that one can keep a record of their sales, stock, profit margin per daily basis, customer record, etc.

How to Become a Sales

With the key skill of communication and knowledge to maintain customer service or channel partners, one can be a successful Sales. They need to earn and attract more potential buyers who are willing to take their service or products that the company offers. They should be self-confident and should know how to get the work done. Sales need to be very motivational in nature and should have the willingness to help customers. Nurturing all these qualities, one can become a proficient sales person.

Types of Sales Jobs

There are major 4 types of sales jobs:

  1. Inbound sales person: This is when the job is inside a store, mart, café, boutique, etc.
  2. Outbound sales person: They are hired more for their excellent promotional as well as convincing skills. This includes going places and selling products for the company, like door-to-door sales.
  3. Business development representatives: Their major role is to connect and channelize the target audience and take to increase the number of potential buyers.
  4. Sales manager: It is their duty to keep the existing customers happy and provide with a good customer service, keep an eye on stock and manages the team of sales.

Sales Salary

For a successful Sales, a median annual salary is around $55,000 per annum according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The best-paid 10% made around $116,300 per annum, including incentives.

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