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What is a Security Guard?

Browse available Security Guard Jobs. A Security Guard is a person who is employed to protect or secure a building or property against unauthorized entry, trespassing or damage. He is employed on a private basis. Security guard jobs characterize a high visibility or specific presence inside the asset or the jurisdiction to repel and expel external intrusion or any other form of damage. Their function is that of private policing. They partake in patrols or use CCTV cameras to maintain proper vigilance and maintain security of the respective asset or grounds.

Security Guard Jobs Overview

The range and functions of a security guard vary as per the establishment. There are more than a few specific places where a security guard is an absolute necessity such as malls, public or office buildings, high-security buildings, events, etc. among a few others. Their basic functions are to maintain a smooth and just environment. For example, a security guard at a mall has to maintain customer safety while preventing and taking action in case of vandalism or shoplifting. However, an important point to keep in mind is that these guards do not have the power of arrest. The best they can do is to detain a person pending further action from higher authorities such as the management or police.

Minimum Age to Be a Security Guard: 

Although any individual above the age of 18 is eligible to be a security guard, most companies prefer some prior experience in the field or as in education and other training certifications. 24+ individuals can successfully apply to security guard jobs.

Security Guard Educational Requirements: 

In most security personnel jobs, educational requirements come in at a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. More specialized facilities demand both certification and expertise, not to mention experience. There are states which require an individual to register to the governance first as the job is characterized with wearing a firearm. There are also numerous agencies, which provide vocational training and post-completion certification. Large companies obviously give preference to individuals with certification.

Security Guard Job Description

Privatization is one of the most important aspects of the growth and prosperity of this job sector. With agencies, businesses and institutions giving more importance to privatizing their assets, this job sector is looking at 10%+ growth over the next few years. Real-time statistics from The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that there are more than 1,110,000 security guards employed and registered to their jobs. And the growth forecast suggests - this sector will have more than 150,000 jobs opening up in the coming financial year at the least.

Security Guard Job Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities adjudged to a security guard are among the following:

  • Securing the asset or perimeter for smooth co-ordination and functions.
  • Maintaining 24 hour security even at the absence or cession of daily functions at the building or asset.
  • Maintaining vigilance throughout the property jurisdiction for privacy and security.
  • Deterring vandalism and security breach at the facility in concern.
  • Disallowing unauthorized entry and maintaining entry logs and vigilance.
  • Taking measure in case of a security breach and detaining trespassers.
  • Applying force when necessary to avoid property damage and privacy disruption.
  • Coordinating with in-facility staff for smooth transaction and function of business.

Security Guard Requirements

Although this field is open for individuals with proper educational and vocational skill-sets and certification, there are other institution-specific job details which need any individual ought to be aware of:

  • Security guards at malls are expected to work closely with asset management and other in-house management staff for smooth coordination and execution, especially during rush hours.
  • Guards at high security facilities require increased security protocols, stringent patrolling and other tactics to avoid loopholes.
  • Security personnel at casinos require excellent customer service and conversational skills to ensure both security and overall customer satisfaction.
  • This is a 24 hour job. So, guards have to be ready for cumbersome whole night shifts.
  • Security personnel are expected to use any and every means necessary to avoid a breach of security and privacy within asset or facility jurisdiction including use of force.

How to Become a Security Guard

A high-school diploma will suffice along with other vocational courses. These courses are provided by agencies specializing in training and other security-based liaison services. Jobs or placements at specialized facilities require higher degrees and levels of certification. Placements at casinos require more specific certification and expertise – a bachelors’ degree including other vocational accreditations are a necessity. An individual with the right educational qualifications is properly advised to gain skill and expertise either through these vocational training courses or with placements providing on-job-training and certification.

Security Guard Salary

The average median pay-scale of a security guard is in and around $27,500 per year which comes in at $13.25 per hour. Individuals at the top 10% of this sector earn in and above $45,000 while the lowest 10% earn around $17,250 per year. Those working in the natural gas and power industries’ sector earn the most $48,000 while those employed in drinking establishments earn on an average $25,000 on an annual basis.
It is for a fact that on an average, personal or private security guards earn more than those employed by government institutions and agencies. Washington DC, Lowa and Alaska are among the top paying regions in this job sector.

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